Getting stiffed by FarEastone for SMSs

I was on Chunghwa and thought I’d move to FarEastone as most of my mates (well, both of them) are on FET. Now my bills have doubled, and mostly because I’m paying NT$300-odd a month for text messages. I never even noticed how much they were on CHT. I’m on the VIP888 package.

I’m seriously considering sacking FET, even though I’d have to pay a huge fine (NT$5,500).

Does anyone know of a plan on any network that provides for cheap SMSs ? Would need to be inter-network. I have the extra NT$25 a month feature on FET for “cheaper” messages, but that’s not helping much. I think it’s brought the cost down from NT$3 each to NT$2.99 or something…