Getting sued by contractor

for big businesses, sure, net 90 terms are out there (because the big guys have leverage to not pay smaller companies for a long time), but for a home contractor?

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This :point_up:

A hard after the fact lesson to swallow.


Could u just say he wasn’t my window man. Make him prove he was ?

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Very bad idea to lie in court. What happens when he pulls out proof? Now you gotta pay him again and you get done for lying in court


A few years ago I got in a dispute with a landlord. He wanted to evict us, but didn’t want to hand over the bond until we were gone. We settled on having the local council member hold the bond.

I filmed the council member taking and counting the cash, then I insisted he write a receipt while I filmed, I also had him state on film what the money was for and when it will be handed to us. I also filmed his ID.

In the end he tried to keep the money. I guess he was thinking we were leaving Taiwan and if he stalled long enough he could keep it. Without the footage and the receipt we would have never got the bond back.


Conversely, couldn’t one also say that he can’t prove you didn’t pay him?


He is the one who sued, so the burden is on him to prove that you did not pay him.


Sure he could. Sounds like what an honest person would do doesn’t it?

You could report him to the tax office or threaten him with it.

What does taxes have anything to do with this situation? If the guy is claiming he didn’t get paid, then he doesn’t owe any taxes.

Why would someone want paying cash in hand?

He could come up with a bunch of legitimate reasons why he accepts cash only. There’s nothing the tax office can do if they don’t have any record of his work, or contracts.

Thats my favourite type of payment.


How about it’s legal to take cash payments? Always has been. 30K is a small amount…

Yes, that’s one of many reasons.

If you do go to court. Gather as much evidence as you can.

Try and find someone who might have seen him on they day he came to get paid. Did he call or message before he arrived? Maybe your phone has a record of the call.

Did he provide you with a written bill? If he doesn’t ordinarily provide these, it could be further evidence of a poorly organized business.

Is there anyone you told about the payment at the time? Partner, your accountant … etc. Were there any accounting records of the expense? The lower courts are very accepting of that type of evidence.


The only evidence I have is an ATM withdrawal on the day he did the work. He also installed a sliding door which I paid for in cash. I can’t imagine the court ruling against me but I don’t know anything about Taiwan law. I’m going to court without a lawyer and hoping for the best.


I think you’re going to be disappointed, but good luck.

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Mediation must have been pretty awkward.

I paid you.

No you didn’t.

Yes I did.


Did the mediator have anything to say?


I wonder if there exists the possibility for a counter complaint to tax authorities (or a threat of the same) along the lines of “I paid for this work but he didn’t issue a receipt, and I think he might not have properly declared the income”?

If what OP says is accurate and the contractor came back to scam him, it doesn’t seem unthinkable to suspect his tax accounting might not be entirely above board…