Getting Taiwan's Entrepreneur Visa in 2020

The Taiwan Entrepreneur Visa is becoming an appealing option for some people who have been staying here on the tourist visa extensions, but it should also appeal to many professionals and students already living in Taiwan. Check out this very detailed breakdown of the visa’s benefits and how (easy it can be) to get it.

Which co-working spaces are sponsoring the Entrepreneur Visa, aside from Futureward (as mentioned in that article)? I’ve found CIT so far. Any others?

If you look under the “Are the requirements for the Entrepreneur visa really strict?” section of the article, there’s a link to a PDF that has all the incubaters/co-working spaces that can help you with it.

Thanks, I found the list. It has dozens listed and it’s not clear which ones are Co-working Spaces versus Accelerators (which require an already formed startup). Is there a way to tell which ones are Co-working spaces?

Important note that a lot of people seem to have missed: If you are already on an extension beyond the original maximum of 180 days you cannot apply to this visa from within Taiwan anymore.

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Here’s my best eyeball test list of co-working spaces on that list:

Taipei Co-Space
TY Commander Co-Working x MakerSpace

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