Getting the 2nd shot in Taiwan for COVID-19 vaccines

Neihu Tri Services gave me the first sticker, but at my 2nd dose there didn’t give me a 2nd sticker.

Damn, I never want the stickers at supermarkets, but that NHI card sticker would have been nice to have :frowning:

Just got my second shot, waiting the 30 minutes rest time now. Super efficient, even moreso than last time. Except for the initial online registration problem, overall the whole process was a positive experience. Taiwan Up! :grin:


I just got the second shot nearby. There was a huge line there.

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Starting to feel tired…

It is 10:30. Me too.

Did you feel very hot afterwards ?

Because it was very hot today. :grin::grinning:

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Got my second shot in my local hospital, and it was a shitshow - zero social distancing, and long wait times due to paper work and the doctors check (people kept walking into her office, interrupting the queuing system). The two vaccine-giving nurses were doing nothing for a significant amount of time I was there.

Whole thing took 1.5 hours not including wait time afterwards, which was longer than my first shot. Not impressed.


I’m curious, where (what city) did you get yours?

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Mixed doses are still deprecated on the (US) CDC and WHO websites as not having been adequately tested.

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Got my 2nd shot. Overall the process was significantly quicker than the first time around…but it’s also partially due to the limited number of slots they have for a day…overall only took about 40 minutes (including the “rest” time).

  1. As soon as I arrived at the hospital I got in line to wait to register, went pretty quick then had fill out the form with some info and agreeing to the shot. Since there was no payment or fees this time around it helped a lot…and probably was one of the bigger differences.

  2. Doctor check was really quick, just asked if I had any reactions to the 1st shot and just gave a reminder that 2nd shot may still have reactions, make sure to stay properly hydrated and take it easy. Super quick, only about a minute or less, doctor was nice and straight to the point.

  3. Only waited about 3 or 4 minutes to go from doctor to the shot. Only 2 nurses administering shots this time (last time there were 3 of them). Quick and painless proccess, in and out in about 30-50 seconds.

  4. Lastly just a 15 minute wait…my biggest gripe is the wait room is a tiny room with only one door in and out…at least there was central air.

Overall a significant improvement compared to last time, time-wise (2hrs vs 40min.). I think a large part of it is no longer having to spend time paying the fees and the reduced number of people getting shots per day at that hospital.

It’s a pretty warm day so just going to relax and stay hydrated. Later will report back if I get any symptoms or anything.


Congrats! Two more weeks and you’ll be at maximal protection.


Day after 2nd shot.

Overall reactions are pretty mild. Just feel a little ‘cold’, hard to sleep, and tired which are pretty similar to my 1st shots reactions (less severe though), although this time my body doesn’t feel sore. Overall just a pretty lite version of the first round and feel fine.


For Taipei people

Special 2nd dose AZ clinics at 9 hospitals


Your experience pretty much mirrors mine. I’m really glad I didn’t have the same crappy feeling I had after the first shot.


To be honest I think a good part of it is me not getting much sleep. Both times the day before my shot I didn’t sleep much, only about 4 or 5 hours, and afterwards first time falling asleep was only able to sleep for 3 or 4 hours before having a hard time getting back to sleep.

I think if I would’ve had at least one day with a proper full rest I would have been much better off, but what can I say…it turned out okay…almost got hit by a car 3/4 times on the way to the hospital though…at least if I did get hit I could’ve pulled off a 2 for 1 special.


I suspect that was a giant part of my “bad hangover” after my first dose of AZ. I had lots of trouble sleeping the night after the vaccine and, surprise surprise, the next day felt like crap - just as I normally do after a night of 2-3 hours of sleep. Go figure.

(2nd shot, zero side-effects, surprisingly so after the definite malaise and sore arm - for five days or so - following the 1st shot.)


Wife and I got our second shots in NTU today, happy to be fully charged!


Good for you! Now two weeks to go for maximal protection.



I got my first shot by registering intent, then making an appointment, all in the new system. For me, an information sheet I was given tells me to go back to where I got the first shot to make an appointment for the second. Anybody have additional details, like how early we can go and make such an appointment? I mean how much earlier than my 10 week start date?

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At present, AZ vaccines are being administered on a large scale. Zhuang Renxiang said that people over the age of 18 can register on the vaccination appointment platform. As long as they are eligible and have reached the second dose (at least 10 weeks), they will receive a vaccination appointment notice. ; Will be ranked higher, so that the public can hit as soon as possible.

As for the second dose of Modena, it is currently limited to the first category of subjects, airline crews and pregnant women. It can be vaccinated at the travel medicine clinic of each hospital 28 days after the first dose; other people can only be vaccinated until 10 weeks before the first dose. Two doses of vaccine. (News source: Zhongshi Real Time Wang Jiayu)

members of the public who received their first shot of the AstraZeneca vaccine between May 11 and May 23 that a 10-week interval between the two doses of the vaccine will be reached for them starting the next week and that those individuals can register their willingness to receive their second shot on the COVID-19 vaccination registration and appointment reservation system or they can make an appointment at a healthcare facility contracted for COVID-19 vaccinations.