Getting Thyroid Medication

I was wondering if it is possible to get thyroid medication(for Hypothyroidism) while staying in Taiwan? I read around the forum but didn’t see any answers so sorry if I missed anything already posted.

I take just the normal prescription pill once a day. Is it possible to pick up the medication or do I need to see a Doc first there?

I am coming from the US and the most you can get to stock up is 3 months of pills. I will be staying for some time in Taiwan.

Thank you so much to anyone that can spend a second to help :>!

You can definitely get thyroid medication here, no problem! I have hyperthyroidism, and actually needed to get tests done to check my levels.

I was able to do all that at the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taipei, and saw a doctor who specializes in “Metabolism and Endocrinology.” He was way more knowledgeable than my general practitioner in Canada, and gave me dietary tips to help manage my levels. Anyway, I don’t know whether or not you can get the medication without seeing a doctor, sorry about that, but it’s definitely easy to get.

Good luck here!

Yes, you can buy thyroxine (generic version of synthroid) at any pharmacy without a prescription. However, they only offer 1 dose here in Taiwan so you have to split pills to get to the exact level you need. I usually go to a doctor at Chang Gung (although apparently not the same one as the previous poster since my doctor is a woman) who does blood tests twice a year to check my thyroid levels. Either way - it is cheap at only around $400 NTD for a doctor visit, blood work, and medicine (but that is with NHI) or about $200 NTD for a 100 pill bottle of thyroxine without NHI. The worst part for me is trekking across town to the hospital since I am too lazy to try out one closer to my house and then waiting in line for my number if I don’t time my arrival well - but overall being hypothyroid is no problem here.

Thank you so much everyone!! I have been to Taiwan before but never with this new problem hah. :>

I will definitely make some visits to the doc when I arrive.

It sounds really easy to take care of there haha. Thanks again!!

Hospital will ONLY give you 3 months of this perscription… the pharmacy will sell you the entire bottle for around 250 nt.

Hospital will help you check you exact thyroid hormone levels before assigning the dose. Since the correct dosage is very important, I would suggest to still go to the doctor and check it out.

Anyone have info on getting natural thyroid (NDT such as Armour, etc) in Taiwan? Or having it ordered? I have bad reactions to synthetics, which seem to be the only option here.

for some reason taiwan only has t4 medicine available. if you need to order various t3 variations customs here is very lax, just wrap the item in bubblewrap send in parcel envelope thing