Getting to airport from Zhongli, early AM

I’m staying in Zhongli right now, near the train station. No complaints. But I have to catch a flight out of Taoyuan airport around 7AM on a Monday. I know the buses there won’t be running when I need to go there. I’m thinking a taxi. Is there anything I’m overlooking? Thanks.

You poor sod.
Zhong-li is a cesspool. I would suggest getting out ASAFP. Go to Taipei for the weekend.
Or at the very least, head out to the airport early, say Sunday evening, check the baggage, or at least store it, then head out to Nan Kan which is in easy 20 minute taxi range of the airport.
There’s that sports pub in TaiMall, and a range of local fare to be had.

That shall be my suggestions. (sic)
Have a good journey, in any event.