Getting to Sanyi from Hsinchu

I was wondering if anyone knew how you could get to Sanyi from Hsinchu. It’s a place I’d like to visit but there seems to be little information on how to get there from Hsinchu by public transport. No trains seem to travel between the two cities and I can’t find any information about the bus services online. :s

Also, is Sanyi close by to Hsinchu? If all else fails, I guess my partner and I could go by taxi…

Um, yes, you can take the train between Xinzhu and Sanyi.

Yes, there are many, many trains every day.

Strange…I was sure Sanyi was not one of the options when I was searching for trains. I found the site very hard to navigate and Taiwanese people seem to be a bit clueless when you ask them about these things. Still, good news that there are trains so thanks. :slight_smile: