Getting to Taipei via secret city connection

Has anyone ever tried getting to Taipei via a secret city connection. For example, say a one-way ticket from SF to Taipei is $1000, but a one-way ticket to Bangkok with a lay-over in Taipei is $500. You just buy the Bangkok ticket and ditch the plane in Taipei. I’ve heard of people doing this on domestic flights. I was wondering if anyone has heard of anyone doing this to get to Taipei.

someone mentioned in the OT thread about checked luggage and that would probably be a problem. I’m curious about the customs process. They probably won’t like some furriner coming thru on a one-way ticket. Technically doing this is against the carriage contract. In the flyer talk forums they say that if you do this a lot you can lose your FF miles and in some cases people have been blacklisted from flying certain airlines.

… and the airline can get in trouble … losing a passenger … waiting for you at the boarding gate … they just throw out your luggage and then try to find it … but, there is always a ticket with one lay over …

… and they do keep the flight waiting for you. Just after Lockerbie, I was searched four times trying to board a plane at Heathrow. The plane waited. Everybody was pissed at me. :frowning:
They can’t fly with your luggage. So if you are late, they have to find your bags and throw them off (and maybe call the bomb squad to check them out). In LAX a flight had to wait for a bunch of us during a bomb threat - no one thought to tell the airlines the security weren’t letting anyone through. I was four hours early and the plane still had to wait for me. And when I was in the middle east… Actually, I have crap luck all the time with security. Anyone who has met me would know it is because I am very threatening looking. :idunno: