Getting your driver's license in Taipei


Hmm it looks like I need to call the DMV since some people are saying yes others no on driving school


Looks like you need to go to different DMVs at different times on different days to different people at different counters to ask your questions.

Seems like everyone has had different outcomes to getting their license.


I did almost the same, except I went to the driving school to practice before I took the test. I didn’t get any seal of approval from the driving school, so the DMV had no idea I went. This was over 10 years ago, so I’m not sure if things have changed.

The driving schools have a pretty strong lobby, so who knows if they got the rules changed in their favor.


Did you have a license from another country?
I’m talking about getting a driving license here without ever having had one elsewhere. I’d never driven a car in my life. I was told at the driving school month of training crap was the only way to go.
If you have a driving license from somewhere else, you don’t have to take the written test, and you can take the driving test whenever you want.
@andrew: yeah, call the DMV. All you’ll get here is personal experience and it seems everyone has a different story, as usual :slight_smile:


So a buddy of mine explained you don’t need to take the classes. But the actual test is really stupid and even experienced drivers can fail at the driving part. So it can be easier to go to the classes to do the course they will test you on and practice. Not confirmed yet but I will let you guys know.


That is what I heard as well, the class teaches you how to pass the test and doesn’t mimic real world driving.

They should really administer the test on the streets in real time.

I think they mentioned the hardest part of the test is the s-curve forward and back.


Backing out of the s-curve without hitting the electronic rails is the hard part. The rest is pretty standard driving skills, at least it was in 1999 when I took the test.


Which, by the way, is illegal to do in real life…


Anyone know where to get what I need to study for the written test? I can’t find it online


Exactly, my cousin told me she did so many practice sessions at the school that by the time she took the actual road test, it was all muscle memory. She said a lot of her friends opted to skip the lessons and ended up failing the road test (multiple times).

This is the real reason I keep applying for that intl driver’s license. I don’t want to waste time and money learning how to take that road test.


Link to simulated written test in different languages:


hmm, this is only the simulated test. I’m still not seeing where I can find the material to study before I take the simulated test.



the simulated test is a bit of a no brainer, 90% without studying. I think most people fail the driving part from what I understand even if they know how to drive.


Some of the questions are worded really weird, and some of the questions just leave you asking why is it asking me this…


If you want study material in English, the online simulation is the best you can get. You have an option to download all the questions, do you don’t need to keep restarting the test every time you went to review a single question:

Now, if you can read Chinese, just visit a school and ask for the book. Some of them can give it to you for free.


Does anyone know if you have to make a appointment or is there a time I need to go to take the English part of the test? Or can I go at anytime?


So there’s a que about one month that you have to schedule to take the test. Stupid.


OMG they are even worst than US DMV, I went there and said I need to register for a time. Now I get home and call and they said I need to do 3 months of learning and than register. And I have to register there. Who has time to do 3 months of learning?


Maybe it’s easier to get your Texas license and just have it converted.