Getting your name at the top of the yahoo list

How do you go about getting your website to come up in searches on Yahoo?

The person here in charge of making it happen has so far come up with zip.

We need specifically to be at the top of the list for enquiries originating in Taiwan for IELTS tuition. It was easy enough to find out how to get yourself to the top of the tree from the US site, you just pay money, but it doesn’t seem to be that easy here.

And I don’t read chinese.

You just pay, don’t you?

WHO?? Who do you pay?

I thought you could pay Yahoo for the top slots. I think they have different categories. For example, you can pay a certain amount for Yahoo to look at your site and give it a rank, or you can pay a higher amount to simply buy yourself a place in the top 5, top 10 whatever. I’m pretty sure that’s how it works. Simplest way would be to call 'em up and ask.

Google is easy

I’ve asked a lot of people which is their favourite search engine. The vast majority of Taiwanese use Yahoo.

Spack thinks what I think. And on the English language website - the .com one, not the one - it appears pretty straightforward. But so far the people responsible for making it happen on the Taiwan site have failed miserably.

We figured out that it would be pretty cheap, cheap enough to be viable, but there didn’t appear to be any way to just do it. We had to fill in an enquiry form, and we’re still waiting for a reply.

I have no way of knowing if all the necessary steps have been taken, or if the person doing it really understood what she was doing. We paid for a website, we’re getting enquiries from people who have stumbled across it. It seems to be a very valuable tool, but we need to make more people look at it. Heeellppp!!!

Link, link, and link again. Get links on good sites. Search on the net, there is a guy with a free downloadable book on getting the number one spots in all search engines. I suggest reading it and following it. I lost it from my computer but I used it to get one of my sites into the top 10 on a number of search engines - not yahoo though.

Whatever you do though, try not to submit to search engines through their submission forms, that’ll do you a little harm and not much good.

Well i used to get on the top of the search list in YAHOO (on right keywords) when i was still running my website. Basically what you have to do is look for a site (Any site that comes up on search engines) and get yourself linked from that site. No need to get linked directly. You could use your imagination. Link to a listed site and link yourself thru that link if your website doesn’t have a topic that could get you linked from the listed one. (God i love obfuscating stuffs like this :howyoudoin: ) Here’s an example…

A website that is listed on Google will show up on yahoo searches also. Now lets say you find a site about dogs and your site is about cats. They wont link to you cause your site isn’t suited. So the trick here is to make a site about dogs and put in Cats as dog’s enemy. Now add a link to your site and whalaa, in a few days to a month (Maximum) you’ll have googles robots crawling your site, thus getting yourself listed. Now about getting on top, you’ll need to have good contents. Your webpage should for example have a good title that relates to keywords you are targetting. Also try to make the title of the page long. 20 to 30 letters if possible. Also don’t forget to add meta tags. Now the most important is the content of your site. Your pages contents should at least have the keywords in it more than 5 times.( The more the better) But do not try to cheat by adding invisible texts and repeatedly type the keywords in. This will get you blocked. Anyway hope this helps.

By the way when a taiwanese says they usually search yahoo, they dont mean searching and it also doesn’t mean they are searching What they are actually talking about is KIMO. Trying typing and you’ll find it. :wink:

SB, who ever’s helping you obviously doesn’t know shit. I assume you’re talking about Taiwan Yahoo right? Yes, most Taiwanese have it as their frontpage.

I KNOW that to get up high on the list you have to buy an ad. You pay more depending on how long you want it to last, and how high placement you want. From about 150-650NT a week. Maybe it goes higher.

Apparently you just click on the ‘Buy’ button and you’re away.


actually paying for it doesn’t really help. Paid links come up on top as ads. Most people don’t like to go to commercial sites. And if you’re not making profits with your site, i guess you’ll just have to have good contents. Anyway i’m not really sure about how taiwanese’s feels about clicking on ads. But most people i know would rather click the one on top (I meant the ones not paid for) cause they know the ones on top have good contents and paid ones just got there cause they paid. Well this is how me and most of the people i know perceive these sort of stuff. Anyway google also has paid links that comes on top, but when i search for something, i demand quality and i bet you commercial ones 90% of the time won’t have what you’re looking for. Those were just my two cents :wink:

[quote=“Bassman”]Whatever you do though, try not to submit to search engines through their submission forms, that’ll do you a little harm and not much good.[/quote]Didn’t do me any harm with Google. Seemed to do me some good for a few months, when my home page and other pages took up the top five slots when searching for ‘motorcycle touring taiwan’. Now my rating has slipped down, although links to my site are still the 1st and the 6th results from that search thanks to ESL Island;
and David’s Guide to Taiwan;

Sorry SB, can’t help you with the specific question.

You guys don’t realise how it works in Taiwan.

People use the (Taiwan Yahoo) and browse (not search from there). I presume that’s what SB is talking about when he wants to raise his business’ profile (and if it isn’t, it shoudl be). I’m not talkign about submitting your name so that you come up higher in searches or have paid search results.

The important thing is to get your name high up the hierarchy on the tree-style Yahoo frontpage. Then someone who wants an English buxiban clicks education, then language schools, then buxibans, then Taipei, and then hoepfully your buxiban is up high on that list. To get there, you gotta pay the money. Simple as that.

Brian got bought by Yahoo about 4 years ago. It’s now Used to be that you typed and would be auto redirected.