Getting your tax return

Hi everyone,

How do you guys normally collect your tax returns?

When I filed for my tax return, the tax ladies told me “we will send you a notice in about 3 months”. And that was about 3 months ago.

Should I be expecting something in my mailbox soon? What do I do after that? Is it a registered letter? The mailboxes in my apt building are super cofusing, and letters often go into the wrong mailbox, so I’m hoping this one’s registered.

Thanks :slight_smile:!!

I’ve never received just a notice. My first year’s refund was mailed to my home in the form of a check. It arrived in November, when the tax office said it would. Every year since then I’ve brought my bank book with me when I file my taxes. They take a photocopy of the book and my refund gets direct deposited. This year it was deposited on September 11.

If you get a notice and not a check in the mail, then I’d imagine you have to pick up your refund check at the tax office.

Perhaps contact the tax office itself to ask about the status of your refund. I don’t know where you’re at, but I know the Taoyuan office has always been pretty English friendly with me.

I agree that the “bank deposit” method is the best way to go. The one HITCH in the arrangement is that since I am married to a local lady, and the law requires us to file a JOINT RETURN, so any refund due to us gets deposited in her account . . . . . and I am left with nothing.

Just got mine 50,000 NTD …have to keep asking…they sent it to wrong place at first…so you are better IMO to collect from tax office…although…original lady was out…her supervisor was out…so had to insist …but got it …woohoo :discodance: …i had almost forgotten about it so nice surprise :slight_smile:

You could do the filing yourself and get it paid into your account.

Ha, ha, my wife also gets that extra yearly bonus in her bank account! :slight_smile: