Gf and I use the same computer and Forumosa

Is this going to be a problem? My gf and I opened accounts a while ago. I’ve used it regularly ever since; she hasn’t. But lately she has started to make posts here again. I just realized, however, that we are now using the same computer. Is that going to be a problem? Are people going to think I’m smerfing?

well judging from past experiences

start apologizing now

i’ll vouch for ya, if need be, as i’ve met both sides of your interesting personality :slight_smile:

nah, really, they are separate people. you might have to bring her out to a happy hour for confirmation :beer:

We don’t keep a running watch on people’s IP addresses or anything. Smerfing becomes an issue when we have reason to notice it, and people usually give themselves away by their behaviour.

The only problem would be if, for instance, your gf joined the women’s forum and you started hanging around trying to look over her shoulder or use her login. It used to drive my woman crazy when I did it, but there’s nothing there except talk about Almas John’s bottom. So my advice is to avoid that particular temptation and just enjoy the shared experience.

Welcome to you mystery lady, whoever you are. We’ll all have fun trying to guess who you are now. TS, contact Maoman for your referral fee.