Ghost Detectors

I just saw something on the news: a ghost detector. Apparently it lights up one way if there’s a ghost in the vicinity, another if the coast is clear. I think they’re imported from Japan. The wife said, “Wow, they’re only a few hundred dollars.” :astonished:

I have seen them. The guy started by importing bullshit detectors but they kept going off all the time, not just in “ghost month” and he had to make some modifications. Ahem.

Stand by for more “Ghostbusters” re-runs.

Here’s a pic:

They’re called “ゴーストレーダー™USBメモリー,” aka “Ghost Radar,” and yes, that’s a USB connector.

Well, naturally. No self-respecting ghost hunter is going to be without their MP3s.

I want one of those Ghost Detectors.

I wil drive the tai tai and the Ninja Amahs on my lane wacko with it!.. :smiling_imp:[color=red]WHO YA GONNA CALL ? [/color]

[quote=“smell the glove”]Here’s a pic:

They’re called “ゴーストレーダー™USBメモリー,” aka “Ghost Radar,” and yes, that’s a USB connector.[/quote]
Where do I get one…or actually a box of them?

Not sure about local sales, but there is a licensed UK distributor (and they offer educational discounts). Almost wish I could read Japanese so I could make heads or tails of the GhostRadar website.

Here’s an Associated Press story on the thing from April 2005:

[quote]Haunted hard drive? Storage firm promotes ghost detector
By Yuri Kageyama, Associated Press

TOKYO — The Japanese company that launched popular computer data storage units shaped like rubber ducks and sushi started selling a new product Friday — a ghost detector.

SolidAlliance Corp.'s portable GhostRadar beeps and flashes red lights in response to unusual magnetic waves. It also reacts to body heat and perspiration detected by a sensor where users place their thumbs. The gadgets went on sale Friday in Japan and the first shipments to the United States are on their way, said SolidAlliance Vice President Yuichiro Saito. GhostRadar is a novelty item that comes attached to USB memory storage device, which holds data such as documents, digital photos and MP3 music files and plugs into a computer’s USB port. Its memory ranges from 128-512 megabytes. The device’s memory and ghost detector functions are not linked, Saito said.

GhostRadar is recommended for spooky late nights alone at your computer, and for those curious about finding out if their sudden chills represent a supernatural visitor, Saito said. The device may beep as often as once an hour in a place that’s haunted but might fall silent in other spots, Saito said. He wouldn’t elaborate on how it works. “This detects invisible phenomena and so the system is confidential,” he said. “This is not a game. This is a measuring device.”

The company’s other USB memory offerings have been hits in Japan. The Sushi Disk comes with replicas of various types of the Japanese delicacy, including shrimp and raw tuna. The i-Duck storage unit includes a colorful glowing duck.

In Japan, GhostRadar costs about twice as much as a regular memory storage unit at 19,800 yen (US$185; euro140) for 512 megabytes, according to Yokohama-based SolidAlliance. U.S. prices haven’t yet been decided, the company said.[/quote]

I want one too. But I want to re-wire it so that it goes off whenever I want it to.