Ghost Money Factory Fire in Wugu

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It appears there has been a fire in a ghost money factory in Wugu, New Taipei City (Taipei County). It appears that five people have died [edit: I believe the death count now stands at four] and seventeen have been injured [edit: I believe it’s now 22 injured]. Here’s a Liberty Times article on it: … E%E6%9C%83

I put it in Temp. 5 dead noe, 17 in hospitals, as per CTI and TVBS a while ago. Horrible. The explosion was like a Hollywood disaster scene. They say the smoke can be seen in Tianmu. Surroundings look like a war zone, cars on fire, debris everywhere. Not everyone accounted for, expect more casualties.

Sorry I didn’t check Temp.

I think the Liberty Times report said the windows of nearby houses were broken. The article also uses a word (among many) that I don’t understand: (震飛 zhèn fēi).

The brief TVBS article uses the phrase 附近的變電箱爆炸, [strike]which Google Translate renders “explosion near the transformer box.” Is that right?[/strike] [color=#BF0000]Edit: should read “a nearby transformer box exploded,” per Tempo Gain. [/color] (And that may be my fault and not Google Translate’s, because I cut the phrase out of a larger expression.)

Here’s the TVBS report: … 2qb76.html

Here’s a brief vid of the explosion, taken from a distance:

The ironic (sad) part is that no sooner than tomorrow will relatives and friends of the victims be at the scene burning ghost money to send to the deceased. :loco:

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The brief TVBS article uses the phrase 附近的變電箱爆炸, which Google Translate renders “explosion near the transformer box.” Is that right? [/quote]

No, “a nearby transformer box exploded”

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The brief TVBS article uses the phrase 附近的變電箱爆炸, which Google Translate renders “explosion near the transformer box.” Is that right? [/quote]

No, “a nearby transformer box exploded”[/quote] Thanks.

We heard it all the way here in Neihu. Thanks for the post. We weren’t sure what it was.

Wouldn’t this sudden dumping of ghost money into circulation increase inflationary pressures on the afterworld economy, so now we have to burn even more ghost money to our deceased loved ones to keep them comfortable?

So that HUGE explosion was the transformer box–NOT the factory? But it caused a fire AT the factory? Do I have that clear?

Will the government take action now and send police out to shut down ghost money factories, like the Taichung government does with bars after the Ala Pub fire?

A ghost money factory in Wugu, Xinbei called the “Xin Xing Tang” was the site of a fire, after an explosion occurred at 8:20 am on April 22. Since there was a great quantity of fireworks on site, the nearly 100-ping factory went up in flames in the blink of an eye. Currently, at least 4 people are dead and 22 more injured. Two of the dead have been discovered inside the factory, with another one a passerby; a fourth body has yet to be identified.

Fire officials say that the fire site is a two-story cement building. Since there was a large quantity of fireworks stored in the factory, at the time the accident occurred, the explosion was astonishingly strong. Windows in an area of 100 meters around the site of the fire were shattered. Fire officials did their utmost to put out the blaze, and the fire is initially under control. Rescue vehicles are conveying the injured to Xinbei and Taipei hospitals for treatment.

Preliminary investigation by fire officials shows that the cause of the blaze may have been an explosion of a transformer near the factory, which sent out flames that caused fire to extend to the factory. However, Taipower workers investigated the scene and said afterwards that they had ruled out the transformer as the cause of the fire at the ghost money factory, emphasizing that there was no issue with the transformer equipment. … z1KJB8bGM5

I heard the sound of the transformer explode and I was near Songshan train station at the time. It must have been a huge explosion.

Thanks for that, ironlady.

Yeah, thanks ironlady.

[quote=“housecat”]So that HUGE explosion was the transformer box–NOT the factory? But it caused a fire AT the factory? Do I have that clear?[/quote] Again, I don’t know nearly enough Chinese to figure out what’s going on, but this passage was in red in a United Daily News blog entry, and I think the passage mentions a truck, but I don’t think it mentions it as a sure original cause:

Here’s the UDN blog entry:

I heard a very strange booming sound yesterday afternoon; it sounded like an explosion. I chalked it up to thunder. Could this have been it? What time did the factory explode?

It was around 8:20 pm. I heard what sounded like a large firework boom around that time and wondered what it was. I actually checked Forumosa to see if anyone else had reported anything similar, and finally decided it was just a weird, short boom of thunder. Crazy.

Yep, the explosion was caused by fireworks in a truck -how many and what kind to produce such a blast, Heaven knows…

The plot thickens. Interesting questions were raised in today’s talk show -can only watch TVBS, the rest mix too much Taiwanese for me to understand.

  1. The fireworks were in a huo che -a truck. The truck was being used to sell the fireworks since Matsu was comning to town.

  2. Why and how the truck exploded… to be continued next chapeter.

  3. Truck was parked in front of the factory. “Imagine if it has been parked across from the Presidential Office…”, ays the host. Gee, thanks pal, now I can take my midday naps in peace…NOT!

  4. The power of the explosion blew all the windows at the elementary school two blocks away. Bits of houses fell on the nearby expressway -waaay up high. The factory itself was in an old building that withstood the force of the explosion quite well. You can tell by how the walls did not crumble, just bent as if hit by Godzilla… Great video by the way of the nearby pinglan stand blown away by the sheer force of the blast.

  5. Factory had had all safety checks a month before and passed. Now they are asking for regulations on how much fireworks a truck can carry and other loopholes they found. they compared this incident to the Ala fire… sigh

The way Taipower responded right away that there was definitely NO problem with the transformer hints that there will be a lot of controversy as to who is ultimately responsible for this accident.

“A powerful explosion moved toward the inside of the ghost money shop, sparking a fire, and then causing the fireworks inside the shop to explode; moreover, eyewitnesses report having seen a truck first explode and catch fire outside the ghost money shop. Finally, a fire was caused, and the fire department believes that it is possible that the ghost money shop was using a truck to load or unload goods just at that moment which was the cause of the accident. Further investigation is ongoing to determine the cause.”

On the subject of news, I extremely suggest NOT to look at the pictures from Apple daily. They had the kindness of putting them on the second page, but no amount of “mosaic” can help taking away the images of charred bodies.

Of the truck, one tire was interred in front of the factory, the other like 20 meters away.

The youngest person hurt was an 8 year old who was a passenger in a passing car.