Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (GRAW) for the pc?

Has anyone purchased GRAW for the pc? It sounds like a great game and am sure it looks fantastic on the Xbox 360. I have not yet chosen to purchase a 360 so I will stick with my computer.
Does anyone know if the game plays well on the pc? Or are the system requirements too much for the game to be played to its fullest potential?

Or should I just hold off until I buy a 360 which I am sure I will sometime in the future.

between a ~ 12000nt console that kicks ass and a 60000nt pc that kicks ass (you’ll need that to play graw for pc), which one do you want? do the math: a 360 + many games + a new tv = a cool pc with the latest gfx that will be outdated in the coming 6 months.

i play graw for the 360 almost every day on xbl. it’s extremely fun and the game is very popular now in taiwan, you will see lots of locals playing graw online…