Ghost Ticket

Has anyone ever heard of a ghost ticket? A friend of mine is flying his brother out here and does not want to pay for the return ticket. I know that one way around this is with an “onward ticket.” My friend tells me that he spoke to a travel agent here in Taiwan, and the agent can sell him a “ghost ticket” for an extremely cheap price. I think it souds a little suspect so I wanted to get some info from everyone here before he does it. BTW the travel agent is run by a foriegn chap.


Haven’t heard the term “ghost ticket” but, yes, it’s possible, and I’ve done it before.

If he’s actually paying for the “ghost ticket”, can he use it if he wants to?

No because what happens is the agent cancels the reservation and gives an e-ticket. An e-ticket is a ticket you show at the airport prior to boarding and they print you out a real ticket there.