Ghosted After 3rd Date

It’s not much of a video, but it’s one hell of an opener.

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One strike rule is harsh everyone deserves three chances

Just thinking that if someone was interested there would surely be a positive indication of that on the first ask, so like the second ask is redundant?

I would totally agree if you are trying to get some traction at some event or in the wild so to speak but say you knew this person in class or work ( well dating at work is completely verboten as far as US companies are concerned now ) or in some form where you have many opportunities to be in the same room it could be good to give them three invites before writing them off

I think the opposite

What if the pool has dried up long ago already .

I’m thinking that with multiple attempts you would be at best trying to start from a position of reduced power, and at worst getting into stalker territory. Being alone is better :grin:

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I can agree there are cases where one attempt is enough

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I’m free every Saturday


I’m not free but I’m fairly inexpensive


Then you are officially old

Damn 30s sucks

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30s ? gosh that’s the time to shine bud ! Cuz soon you will be 60. You gotta cram all that living what life is about in the next three decades better get on it.


cuz by the time you are sixty you is gonna have done what you is to do…and if you ain’t well you ain’t about to :slight_smile:


Where are you from? How old are you? Do you really think that only now women are out to have sex and no relationships? Women have been having sex without relationships for as long as men have. Perhaps not as many, but it’s still fairly common. Of course this also depends on where you live, who you socialize with, and how you socialize with them.

Yes they are really no different than men inside
We all want the same things
Have the same sexual needs

Well not all but perhaps the majority

It’s more like women who crave sex are labeled as “slut” and shamed. So women hide their sexual need extremely well as it’s dangerous for them otherwise.

And since I am autistic, women are more asexual than nuns as far as I know. I know they have needs, but they hide it so well that I might as well think they don’t exist.

Dating game is very sexist, and horrible. If you can’t “score” you are a “loser” and it causes huge amount of depression.

Need to cut the BS game of there being a competition.

Just stick with men. You’re better off doing that.

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Become BUY sexual , just buy it you pay for it one way or another anyway

One will rarely get ghosted when paying.