GI Chang! Wash your mouth out!

According to this report in today’s Taipei Times:

A bill has been introduced banning bad language in the ROC’s military. The report claims that “The situation is so bad that some soldiers have become suicidal and developed stress disorders.”

Hmmm…just wait till someone starts shooting at them. Now that is stressful!

Someone should tell these parents to go screw themselves. More pressure is relieved in the military via swearing than is caused by it. These kinds of parents “protect” their kids from the world, thus rendering them unable to deal with it. It’s the same the world over.

Aha! So that’s why JeffG has such a wasp up his ass about good honest Saxon. He’s saving us from ourselves!

Tidy up your foot locker, you 'orrible little man!"

These are probably the same parents who’ve been warping the hell out of their kids by forcing them through endless hours of cram schools and telling them their only worth is the degrees they hold and the money they make. Do they resent someone taking their role as primary stress inflictor?

I hope China is taking note. Launching a full-scale invasion will be a lot easier this way: “Lay down your weapons, or we’ll say the f-word! Don’t make me say the f-word, punk!”

But in fairness to the legislators, the story does say that this is about what officers say to those under them, not about what ordinary soldiers say to each other.
I would guess that this is about preventing Full Metal Jacket-style drill-sergeant behavior rather than forcing people to say, “Please, my respected brother in arms, may I trouble you to address me as sir?”

But then again, maybe this is just legislators being idiots. It wouldn’t be the first time…

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