Giant dealer that offers good discounts?


I am looking to buy a road bike in the near future, probably a Giant Defy Advanced 2, 1, or a TCR Advanced… depending on price and colours of the 2018 MY bikes.

I’ve been here almost ten years, and in that time I’ve bought five or six bikes from Giant.

In around 2010 I was told that there are two classes of Giant shop - those centrally owned by Giant, and those independent dealers who are Giant agents.

I have also heard that the centrally owned dealers will not discount anything in the current model year. The best they can do is ten percent of the bike’s value in accessories and clothing. You must pay full RRP.

The independent agents can sell bikes for whatever they want, on a hush hush basis.

Obviously I have previously bought bikes from independent dealers. My problem now is that the two I have gone through have both closed down (I know, I know, but I have to pay the mortgage too). I have always got a minimum of 10% discount, and I got 15% off a bike marked up at $50k.

My question is this. Do you know of any independent Giant dealers who offer a substantial discount on current model year bikes, preferably in Taoyuan?

Thanks in advance.

I heard 15% from this shop…

But this is coming from a friend who is one of their long time customers.

Thank you very much. I will give them a go.

You can also consider MAPEI Cycle in Taipei, if you’re willing to make the trip.

Again, I hear 15% from a friend who’s a long time customer.