Giant (scaffolding) bamboo - where can I procure?

Evening all.

I’m looking at an internal project but it would require some of the scaffolding bamboo - we have weirdly high ceilings (ground floor, flood risk, 4.2m) - anyway, does anyone know where one would procure the bamboo poles they use for more institutional use? Maybe it’s obvious, maybe I just can’t see the wood for the trees (had to get that in, sorry).

Oh - and I’m not allowed to harvest it myself, apparently. My wife was very clear on that.


As usual, I don’t have any firsthand knowledge about the subject. I tried a search using Chinese from Google Translate, and I wasn’t able to find anything brick-and-mortar (I don’t know Chinese, so that doesn’t mean the stores aren’t out there). My search also pulled up sites that sell things, but I wasn’t sure they sold bamboo for scaffolding.

A few years ago, there was a thread on the subject of bamboo:

I’m sorry I couldn’t provide more or better information.

That’s one of those things that you see, and make a mental note so you don’t forget, but then you forget. I forget.

Where are you?

Do you need it structural or just big for aesthetics?

I’m in Wenshan, border of Taipei and New Taipei City.

I don’t need it to hold my weight but I wouldn’t mind being able to hang a few things off it. A couple of 3m and 4m pieces would do the job. I can secure them confidently, but I’d prefer them not to taper too much (for aesthetic reasons).

All thoughts and suggestions appreciated

Are you not slightly worried about a possible Panda infestation ? Sorry , I could not resist :sunglasses: . Construction companies/Signage outfits use it a lot for temporary fencing and advertising boards .

In @hansioux’s 2014 post in the thread I linked to earlier, he gives the name and address of a company called Huiming Bamboo (輝明竹器), or Huiming Bamboo Engineering (辉明竹器工程行), at this link.

The company appears to be a wholesaler of bamboo, and the pictures seem to testify to that.

I don’t know if this is the right place for you to get the kind of bamboo you want, but I did my best. :slight_smile:

Here’s the address, phone number, and other information from @hansioux’s post:

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Thank you all.

I will let you know how I get on. I have found one or two on and one on Alibaba.

Some require a minimum purchase so if anyone else actively wants some then do msg me.

If youre buyinf them get them local. Avoid plant quarantine procedure. The link he post above isgreat. But be aware generally taiwanese dont want to do business, so go in person to ask. They wont apend much time on the phone for your, likely wouldnt rwply to an email but kight fill your truck if you show up on their doorstep. If a small quantity just go to any bamboo agriculture supplier. They tend not to have the ultra thick stuff but they can point you in the right direction when google cannot.

Thank you for this.

As someone who has one foot (optimistically) in the export business, and have emailed suppliers (not of bamboo) saying I have buyers… only to get no response, this is weirdly reassuring (in that at least I haven’t been marked as a spammer). Do you think showing up on their doorstep is the only way to get their attention? I mean I literally have tens of customers who want to buy things that Taiwanese companies make but I have yet to make any sort of headway.

{Note: I’ve been here only just over a month and am sated that I’ve tried the normal methods (i.e. Western) so this would be a massive boon if you had any steer on this matter}

Yes show up at the door. Talk to the boss. Try all normal methods first, when they fail just show up with cash and a smile. Im an exporter as well and ive had this problem constantly in all different fields. This is the biggest reason places like korea wipe the floor clean with aiwan, they can answer questions and get contracts done on time.

It used to be far better but its gotten much more noticable the last while.

Ps exporting wood is a bit different than other products. Just wait til you get to deal with the gov here on things like heat treatment and getting the containers/packages filled and sent. I swear its taken years off my life just with that.