Gift Registry with English?

Some of my friends in the US would like to send us gifts for the baby.

Are there any ways they can order gifts in English for Taiwanese stores? Even looking at Mothercare or Chicco, which have UK or USA stores, it’s not possible to order stuff from the Taiwan stores. They’d have to buy in UK/US and have it shipped here. The Taiwan websites of these stores only have Chinese.


Hm…how about Les Enphants?
I think you’d find their English homepage is available, though you can not directly order goods from their web…
But at least you can find some contact person info. to e-mail with

For Chinese:
For English:

I’m not sure what kind of products your friends want to buy for your baby. The clothing selection is not very good in Taiwan, if you want quality onesies, pants, sweaters, little hats etc for your little one. Your friends and relatives could help you prepare things like that by buying them in the US, and they are cheap to ship over. And if you are having the baby in the winter here, you need lots of clothes as they take a long time to dry. CDs and books are also good gift choices to send from overseas, as the selection is much greater and you will get some lasting things for your little one.

As for bilingual baby product sites, there is mine, but my new site is still not ready. The current one has only a limited range of products I will offer on it (baby diapers, blankets, bibs, etc at the moment, later organic baby care products, nursing teas, etc). I won’t have any large furniture or toys in my store, though. I accept paypal payments.

The other option is to set up a registry with a US work-at-home-mom store. Many offer a good selection and will do things like gather all the gifts and ship them over at one time for you. I know a couple that will ship over here. If you need any help, feel free to PM me.

nomadwolf, you are probably best off asking them to buy abroad and ship it. Unless someone is fluent in Chinese, they generally are not going to be able to handle the local online retail sites and auction sites. The online catalog culture is also quite underdeveloped here, AFAIK, and what exists is generally not English-friendly.

yeah… the best way is maybe set up a baby registry on or and put in your address… that way you’ll get stuff you really want too.

there really isn’t a concept of baby registries/baby showers here… they just mostly give red envelopes or gifts after the baby is born or at the 1 month party