Gifts, presents and other bribes

A couple of days before I got paid before CNY, I was offered a gift. I made sure to ask whether it was free or not. They said it was a free gift, but my intuition told me to be ready for a rip-off. When pay day came, I was paid less than I was supposed to and even when they fixed the “error” it was still wrong. I suppose they had to find a way of paying for all those hongbows. Dishonesty is so ingrained in the culture here, that gullibility is a luxury only a few can afford.

Sincerely John Drummond

At least they gave you something. My boss didn’t give me anything. :raspberry: to him! I work hard and I am a good employee (I think). My girlfriend’s mother was really pissed off about it. She told me to quit and not tell them. :idunno: It’s sounding like a better idea every time I think about it.

I must say that the money I received was the money I earned and even if you include the “gift” then I’m still getting less than I’m supposed to.

By the way, a “FRIENDLY REMINDER” has just popped up next to the text so I hope I haven’t said something that might be construed as offensive.

That’s crap.