Hello I am going home and I was wondering what’s some stuff in the states that’s rare in Taiwan? Like gifts and stuff I am buying some gifts for my mom I already got some Oil of Olay and some scarf but just wondering what else is good and not that common in Taiwan…thanks


I have moved your post from the Costco thread to this new thread as you have asked something very different and I think you will get more responses here. Though again I urge you to use the search function to find the answer to your question. [/b][/color]

mokasins (sp) you know, sheep shoes. Big winners here in winter I tell you.

Actually I heard once that giving shoes to someone as a gift is a no-no. If you give someone shoes they will walk right out of your life… I just heard that, not sure if it’s true cultural superstition or not.

I think any souvenir from your home town will be special. Centrum vitimins are good gifts too as the price here is outrageous!

Really Jeff, I just gave away about 10 pairs. Mightn’t be anyone left in my life then soon :blush: .

uck-oh! :blush:

Not sure Amos, I just heard it once when I first got here, somneone said, oh you should never give people shoes because they will walk out of your life. And you know what? Out of the five people I gave bed slippers to when I first got here, I now only still have contact with one of them. Could just be coincidence I suppose… :?:

My kids got shoes (bought by my Taiwanese wife) for christmas (along with a lot of other stuff as well, we’re not that cruel). Does that mean thet they’ll walk out of our lives shortly?:twisted:

I believe giving them to family is okay. But giving them to friends and others may not be wise…