I got the perfeck video for a counter campaign…


-> Cute Offensive Warrior


Well, I am pretty offensive. :sunglasses:


I think this ad is beyond stupid and condescending. Also, it’s a typically cynical move by a big corporation clumsily jumping on some social issue bandwagon a year and a half late.

On the other hand, I’m way too lazy to switch razors. :man_shrugging: Looks like I’m #MeTooing my five o’ clock shadow soon.


It’s easiest to jump on a bandwagon when the bandwagon is in a ditch.


It’s OK to be straight. :sunglasses:



The one good thing about Malaysia is I can get a straight razor shave for about 2$ usd at the barber. Last me at least a day or even two longer than one of those disposable.






I mean… at least not that I’m aware of. :man_shrugging:


You’re all being fragile and hyper-sensitive.


“Why do so many men love Jordan Peterson and hate the Gillette ad? If they’re truly strong they don’t need to prove their virility”

When was the last time you beat your wife?


Because they are gay?


As so often happens, Mr. Rocky Balboa has the answer:


Lol @ the butthurt youtube comments


People are making a bunch of fake accounts posing as women and spamming the same weird posts about how “actually” they would want a “real man” all over the comments. It’s surreal.


What a bunch of losers.


Too right! Losers.


What if they are “real women”? eh?


Well, this is where it gets complicated. Are they genuine fake accounts? Sometimes accounts you think are fake are actually genuine people. Could they be women posing as men posing as women? Could they be men posing as women who are pretending to be men posing as women? Could the posters be gender non-binary in which case all bets are off?

It’s complicated.