They’re Russians. Comrade BiggusDickus.


Russians who shave, or Rasputin types?


Urrgghh, now you have me thinking of a story I once heard of the beautiful “olga” and guys waiting breathlessly for her to emerge in her bathing suit, only to see wads of pubic hair. Ok Im done for today, good night.


Well, he would, wouldn’t he?


Now, that’s an image I shall take to bed.


Yeah, I know. I’m an avid reader of the Grauniad and it’s hard to avoid these writers. Truth be told I target them. They don’t offend me, though.


Perhaps … Shocker They are real women who prefer men who act like men and not white knights


Well, when you click through to view their pages their profiles were just created and have 0 activity prior to making those comments. So I don’t think so…


What I found interesting is that the amount of dislikes on the video keeps getting adjusted in favor of likes and that someone is actively deleting comments saying they dislike the video.


the top comment during the first 24h was:"My wife’s son loves this!’ but I don’t see it up there anymore… 8(


Has it? I haven’t noticed any comment cleanup. It seems like the majority of people dislike it and the stats reflect that.

It could just be that it’s being inundated with comments.


The funniest comment, my wife’s boyfriend likes this video


New improved version of Gillette ad:


Shaving sucks and hurts. And also annoying and costly for a decent razor. All i care is that the product makes the process suck less and maybe even makes me feel like some super star athlete or something. Not that I should not be basically a dick. Can we stop calling it toxic masculinity, it’s called being an asshole. Has nothing to do with being a man or masculinity.


SGW: Sans Gillette Warrior.




Looks like TV ads are the new front in the culture war. This one is pretty damn good. May have to buy one of their watches.


Smart man will short PG for the first quarter this fiscal year.


check the prices

already happened, from almost $50 in Nov to around $7.


This is why the whole ad is uninteresting to me:

Sums it up well. People have to stop paying attention, good or bad, to these kinds of ads. Then they lose their power and they’ll go away.

As one of the greatest philosophers of our generation, Paul Anka, once said, “Just don’t look. Just don’t look.”