Anyone knows how this as affected Gillette sales?


Would be hard to tell since they are owned by Procter and Gamble who have a bajillion other products, they are worldwide too and doubt this would affect them in the slightest outside of the US.

Anyway, I’m just here for the meme’s, currently on Twitter checking out the ones for Nancy Pelosi’s missing plane, might add a couple in the funny pictures thread.



Maybe they don’t care about Gillette that much. They own at least 30 other brands from fashion like Hugo boss, female products like Tampax, house hold stuff. I guess the risk is relatively low.

But the hypocrisy is real. They got no problem with putting out old spice commercials with hyper masculine men with god like naked bodies but they’ll turn around and sell this is toxic at the same time. The commercials that saved old spice is literally now what they’re turn their backs on.

This also the same company that charges more for women’s shampoo vs the men’s lol. If you look at their entire conglomeration of brands, it’s just hypocritical.


There are several recent examples of feminists caught doing or saying the same things they complain about. Some cases are really hilarious. So it’s kinda normal to find these incoherence in companies with multiple divisions and brands. Still a super stupid ad, a really bad move.


Twenty-five years ago P&G were the undisputed king of brand (because they were diabolically good at transforming ordinary, household goods, like Tide laundry detergent and Gillette razor blades, into brands for which they could charge premium prices). They were based in Indianapolis and for all intents and purposes owned the Indiana University campus. P&G execs taught in UI’s biz school, and people flocked from around the world to learn marketing there. They were famous for holding 12-hour, marathon meetings to grade a single 30-second television commercial before it was approved for release.

And now they’re stuck with #metoo, SJWs, and making nice in the LA market with the very same commercial that would air simultaneously in Dubuque, Iowa. I bet anybody who’s managed to stay working there the past 25 years is a haggard, coffee sucking, hollow-eyed shell of a human who can’t wait to retire so they can split their time twitching uncontrollably in Bloomington and sucking vodka at their second home on Mackinac Island. :crazy_face:

What times we live in.



uhhh…Houston, we have a problem…



This ad is hilarious.

On the flip side

People whose buttons are pushed by a single ad is hilarious.

Dollar Shave Club is owned by Unilever btw.

I’m just gonna go live my life as I did before this ad. :call_me_hand:

Thank you, next


That’s what they want you to think.









We need some genuinely woke men like in the UAE:


They don’t actually say gender equality. They say gender balance, I suppose they have a different idea of how gender should be balanced.


And that’s fair as long as it caters to men. On the other hand, the inoffensive Gillette commercial is a blatant attack on mankind.


Who’s saying this? You?


I can understand how XY types get a bit defensive when they’re attacked. However, you’re probably right that there’s an element of male butthurt snowflakiness at play.

Offense is tricky. Isn’t it the case that if someone is offended, ipso facto it must be offensive?


Suppose all the best ideas for gender equality in the workplace were indeed from men.
Should some (if not all) be disconsidered just need on the gender of the one who proposed it?