I hope the other brands do this soon. We’re going to see a lot of people going back to straight razors or walking around with manly beards :slight_smile:

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You and @Icon are the only people here who can appreciate a manly beard.

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I like a womanly beard.

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As in the “stoning scene” @BiggusDickus ?


I really enjoy going to the barber to get a nice straight razor shave. Maybe I can get my girl to learn to do it?

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That will give you another incentive to keep on good terms :slight_smile:

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It’s still wrong! I’m married to one of those white military guys. Our families and friends are from different races, different cultures. It’s almost like they think they need different ads to address the different groups. Where do these advertising execs live?


Yes, but you can’t change the lenses they look things through.

For those that felt offended, they lost a customer for life, no amount of putting out some sort of “oh we are for you too” advert will have any impact.


How about hairy legs? You should see my legs in winter…

Guys, try the old fashioned replaceable blade razors. Save money. Kick those companies selling you plastic cheap is where it hurts. They sell crappy stuff with ads you dislike.


I switched.

Also doing my best to avoid all P&G products.

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I use DE razors, too. The problem is shaving my head, especially the back of my head.

Easy with a modern cartridge system, a blood bath with a DE razor.


Utmost respect that you do that …baldy :wink:


I’ve shaved my head for about ten years now, I really like it.

Took some practice, but I can now shave my head in about five minutes. No mirrors, in the shower, easy peasy.

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I had a relapse today and decided to that I’m ready to buy Gilette again.

Then I saw that…

Guess I have to go with the disposable razor blood bath for another few weeks. I actually really want to buy their frikken razors, but I cant

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Bik’s OK, yeah? A bit French, but no razor’s perfect.


OK, I’m out of razors and was going to cave and buy Gillette because, well, they really are good products. Then I went to Costco and found that to buy replacements you have to buy an entirely new razor (the person demoing said it was ‘free’) which reminded me that I don’t want to buy Gillette.

Where can I buy safety razors and blades? I figured it was simple enough to find but came up empty on my shopping. I know of a place in Mitsukoshi and have heard there’s another near Gongguan but both are overpriced by a magnitude of 2-3x what they should cost.


Last time I was at Costco in that area they also had Schick razors. Same deal, though, you have to hold your nose while they sell you a “free” razor. I’ve heard they’re very good.

I bought a pack of disposable Bic’s at PX Mart a few months back, for travel. They’re pretty good razors but they make me nervous when I go down to recycle them (not always sure which bin they belong to).

I’ll probably switch to Schick or Bic when I run out of Gillette razor blades.

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I thought that I had a few cartridges of Schick that were crap but just went to confirm and it’s another product of Gillette that isn’t that good so I suppose that I will try Schick and see what they are like.

I don’t think you’re lying but no way that I believe disposable razors have gotten that much better since I last tried them.