Ginger tea

At CNY, they had these big blocks of ginger tea at Dihua St, but they’re not there anymore.

Anyone know where to buy this? I’m talking about the black-sugar ginger tea which comes in big brwon blocks. You stick hunks of it in boiling water and it makes a really nice drink (especially with added whiskey).


Maybe I lack culture, but I always just drank the kind you get in the little foil envelopes in almost any store. Also, FWIW, one day I was in Costco and there was a woman there “demonstrating” brown sugar. She was making ginger tea using the actual sliced ginger root and lots of sugar. Nothing to it. :slight_smile: (Of course I never actually got around to trying to make it myself…)

I’ve made it myself before too, but this stuff is really good and convenient. It has other stuff in it too, and you just chuck it in a pot of boiling water and it reduces to a liquid.

Anyone seen it?