Giro 2010

Wow. Anyone else following this race?

Australians getting all the jerseys, a momentous stage 7 in the mud from Cadel Evans, and then an amazing upset on stage 11 when the top GC contenders missed a break in the rain on the longest stage in Giro living memory and lost twelve minutes on the group of 50 or so riders including Sastre who had bombed out before but is right back in contention.

Can’t wait for the next week, with really tough mountain stages to come, and a final TT to round off the most thrilling Giro since Pantani and Indurain!

Awesome stuff.

cheers, I forgot about it, will fire up and see some of those mountain stages and final ITT.

BTW-check out the Floyd news…

Ooh yeah, another can of worms. maybe once and for all it will pop Lance’s bubble, especially the versus channel love-fest for Postal/Radio Shack.

deny deny deny, unless there’s proof, cycling has too much to lose (Many would say , to gain in fact) by the resulting mess.

Good on Floyd, although a bit late. What’s interesting is he maintains he was clean during the actual test that caught him (I believed he was innocent of that all along anyway).

Any ideas on how cycling can become a truly clean sport?

Cleaner than baseball, golf, basketball, and football?

the biological passport is a big step forward, as is the very stringent testing that cyclists now undergo, which is the toughest in the world. I am not certain it will ever be totally clean, but removing the tacit or overt culture of accepting it in team mates and its promotion by shady directeurs sportifs (Bruyneel, Rihs, etc) has and will continue to help. It is not for nothing that race speeds are going down.

did y’all see Cadel getting in fisticuffs with that Lampre rider?

its been like watching the Wacky races so far this Giro…rule no. 1; expect the unexpected. And the Aussies are going great guns.

you’re in your daks (urodacus): what stages have been good so far, I’ll do some downloading. Cheers.

check out the mud bath that was stage 7; Evans won thanks no doubt to his MTB background.

and stage 11 where 56 riders somehow got 16 minutes on the pink jersey group and turned the GC on its head.

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, dem***** only has stages 1-3 up so far. if you know of any other sites, please PM me. Cheers.

Me, too, please…

Me, too, please…[/quote]
Ahh, I figured it out, will PM you. Well, that was fast. I’ve had a quick look at both stages, and will watch them on the weekend. Looks totally mad with the mud. Fantastic, wish there were more interesting stages like these at the TdF.

do not miss today’s stage with a massive climb at the finish, Monte Zoncolan, with the toughest grades on the Giro so far: several pitches of 22%. it’s all happening now!

Look for video on or, or for ticker commentary here.

Giro gone Flahutes! those Record’s are messed up like sandblasted I figure :noway:

Thanks, I watched stage 11-fantastic with the split. I’ll see 7 soon. This week looks awesome with hills almost every day. … 356&link=3
today’s stage: … 77345.html

stay tuned for Friday and Saturday mountains , specially the Gavia on Saturday. This race is going down to the wire!