Give landlord one month notice to leave early or always 1 month penalty?

Of course each contract may be unique, but if one leaves an apartment before the one year contract is up is there always a one month penalty (only getting on of the 2 months of deposit money back) or can one generally get the full 2 months back IF they give the landlord one month of notice?

My experience: I’ve always given at least 30 days notice and I’ve received my full deposit back at all places except one. That one was a real stickler, but it was in the contract. The other landlords appreciated the way I left the apartment so they waived the penalty even though it was in the contract. In the end it was their decision to do so.

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Laws as of now are one months notice gets you your full deposit less outstanding expenses such as electricity, water etc.

Do you have a source for this? I need to leave my apartment in 2 months and i’m worried I will lose my full deposit. The contract says that leaving early they will take the deposit