Give me some good diversification ideas for stocks or other asset classes

Buy short term treasuries bills. Duration is like 4 or 6 months with 4% yield. Invest another half with monthly average for next 12 months. Every month buy good business with fair or low price. Diversify across countries and industries.

  1. 50 % goes to t bills

  2. 5 % goes to Google in January

  3. 5% goes to ase group in Taiwan February

  4. 5% Goes to Volkswagen in Germany March

  5. 5% goes to Citi bank USA April

  6. 5 % goes to Suncor oil in a Canada May

  7. 5% what ever you recognise as good business in Japan at fair price

I always wonder what Taiwanese comapany is a good bet for investing for next 20 years. Outside of semiconductors?

Nanya? Chung-Hsin Electric & Machinery Mfg Corp?

I put a lot recently into


nearly the same yield as the fed funds rate without having to hold for any duration


Sounds about right.

@BiggusDickus , your wife is in one of the prime places for an investment supercycle. The Economist notes semiconductor fabs are targeting U.S. (TSMC and Intel), Asia, and EU for investments of around U$1trn, because they want to reduce geopolitical risk.

Without thinking about China risk (which if there’s any war, we all have bigger problems to deal with), then anyone wanting to park money in a cash dividend cow for next decade should do so in TSMC. :2cents:

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Here’s a fun exercise. Try to find an Emerging Markets or Asia-related mutual fund that doesn’t have TSMC as its #1 holding.

I found one - Japan Fund - I guess that would be a stretch to put TSMC in it.

I hate mutual funds (I dont’ mind managed funds but want them in ETF form). My wife wants me to find emerging markets or Asia funds in her T Rowe price account, which is mutual fund only. There’s like 8 variants of the same fund with the same top holdings - TSMC, Tencent, Samsung etc. :smile:


COIN on a tear and up to $61, from as low as $31 in Jan.

Another $70 and I’ll be even! woohoo. :laughing:

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You and me both. That was my cheap ticket to moon stock though. Irrational exuberance.

CVX is doing me right right now. Pissing off joe Biden and upping the dividend on the back of a massive multi year stock buyback.

that wasn’t even a to the moon stock for me… thought they could hold a decent business on trades, up or down, and was expecting volatility / tracking of btc to settle down if they could show some sustained performance. Obviously didn’t happen. :laughing: What price you in COIN at? More or less pain than $130?

Yea, I still have a bunch of XOM. Collecting dividends and option premiums (and a cost basis in the $30s) makes up for a lot of mistakes elsewhere.

$126 I think.

Yeah, I like those. MO and PM are DRiP dreams come true. Almost about time to start using them for their intended purpose.

COIN up 24%! We’re geniuses! :laughing:


Happy cvx and mo owner. Huge buybacks moved both stocks. It’s nice when businesses care about their customers.

COIN touched $86 Friday. Back to ~$60! We’re the worst!

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Tharts crypto.
Invest monthly in 3 yr cycle you make the big gains.

If you started now to buy crypto would you still say that’s the time frame and investment strategy you’d recommend?

Be willing to hold for 3 years minimum, yes.

picked up a few hundred shares of Google on this week’s beating.

Any interest in QQQX?

Nope. I’m always looking for appreciation, and qqqx doesn’t look like it is. If I’m looking for income from options, I’ll write them myself.