Give me some good diversification ideas for stocks or other asset classes

MP is headed back up, got a bunch of new recommendations, one at $60. :hushed:

And FCX, my other miner is looking solid

Back positive ytd (still down from peak). What a ride!

Margin calls in BTC as broke below 25k and in ETH as broke below 1300.
Didn’t help that crypto lender Celsius shut down any withdrawals or transfers before those 2 had broken those levels. Kaboom.


Rate hike this week for sure.


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Yeah its pretty crazy. I’m paying back debt and adding collateral to the smart contract (aave) I dont know where the bottom is with this. If you don’t do it in advance everything can get jammed up and its too late.

Been staying away from this subject, but I hope you got a bit greedy and took some off the top in the 50+ range. :pray:

Yes I took a good wedge out thankfully. But still a lot just left long term.

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Funny and scary…

Not a peep from many of those hedge funds, billionaires, Wall Street investment banks, mutual funds, etc., which were quite long BTC. Dogecoin peaked when Musk was on SNL. Down like 98% since.
Tom Brady, Marc Cuban, Matt Damon, Larry David, and more all pumped it to the masses around the peak.



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3AC in trouble apparently.
Can read this twitter account (trading firm in HK), which had $1mn taken away by 3AC probably to service 3AC’s margin call.
Read the tweet thread of June 16 from “1)” to “14)”.

This twitter account tells the story of 3AC:

and more on 3AC:

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BTC -8% to now $19,258.
Chart took a straight nose-dive down in last hour or 2.

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I bought some crypto a few months back. All I can say is that I am lucky I have an understanding wife.

Haven’t heard from her much in the past few weeks and the car is gone.

Very understanding though.


There’s just been too much destruction in crypto space in last few months since it went sub-30k.
Too many rug-pulls.
Crypto lenders going bust or getting their own loans called in. It sucks for a lot of the younger crowd.

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Its brutal, and disappointing to be honest, if not completely unforeseen.

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Really? I like the blockchain stuff, but the driving force as I saw it always seemed to be speculative n00bery.

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There’s more to it than that. The original bitcoiners hated govts and banks. I just hate banks. I love that I can transact crossborder on my own terms and loan money to myself.
I’m more disappointed that some big players in crypto don’t come together to self regulate.

Even central banks? Or are they just worse in your mind?

Mostly Taiwanese banks.


CEO of Binance says we’ll be in crypto winter til like 2026 :dizzy_face: