Give me some good diversification ideas for stocks or other asset classes

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Has anyone had any experience with I Savings Bonds? How long do you think the high inflation rate will run?

Individual - Buying Series I Savings Bonds (

These seem to be limited to American Citizens and Green Card holders. You can only buy $10,000 a year. If/when inflation drops, the return drops but at least its still risk-free. I noticed there are links for buying it as a gift or for planning for college costs

I have some. It’s a savings bond with a inflation tracking component… pretty straight forward. What sort of experience are you looking for?

Thank you. I imagine you may have bought it online through the TreasuryDirect account. I am curious how you feel about it. For education planning, I suppose one way to go about it is to buy the maximum amount for several years and then draw down from it when the need arises years later (these are tax free, aren’t they?)

Jim Rogers wants commodities and precious metals. Shocker.