Give me some good diversification ideas for stocks or other asset classes

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“This will not contribute meaningfully to climate abatement in the next 20-30 years,” Friedmann said. “This the difference between lighting a match and building a gas turbine.”

Which part or both do you agree with? I don’t quite get your evidence.

from CNN report on it.
Won’t come to market for decades. Probably be dead or getting fed by a cute caretaker. hopefully cute.
Happy this sort of energy is happening, but zero personal impact.

That’s one way to look at it. One lonely way. :laughing:

More on the EV battery end of things. I still own MP and FCX and VLTA. Be nice to see a fat run-up.

I’ve owned like four biotech stocks, three went to basically zero and the 4th (TCDA) was doing well and just went belly up after failing stage 3 trials.

Waste of money. At least with junior gold miners if they have bad news they are still in the game if they have cash, with biotechs the odds are really low.

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The most common approach I hear on CNBC and Bloomberg (by professional money managers) is either (U.S.) dividend paying stocks, or health care stocks. Dividend stocks to get paid to wait, and because they don’t fall as much owing to inflation. Health care because it’s defensive and less impacted by inflation, but isn’t overpriced like utilities.

This is funny. Unless you’re investing millions of shares in a single stock

No one cares.


Deleted that section so people focus on the more important part.

Dividends are great but there’s something to be said for tech now too as it’s been smashed down some.

Now I’m fixated on what I’m missing out on.


Bonds may be a thing again as they have bottomed or will bottom out in the near future.

He said he does not have time to help all of us pick individual stocks.

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Everytime I try to pick a bunch of individual stocks I end up with no gains or losing money overall.

Its not been difficult to lose money last couple of years. Say you bought five stocks and two were big tech you are going to be sunk. I bought a couple of big travel stocks and they got smashed aswell . My Chinese stocks also got smashed but I sold them off early.


I flipped to bearish 2022 Q2 and went with cash, put options and other bearish investments. My returns were up double digits while the market was down double digits. There’s no need for stock picking - if you have a thesis, data and experts on your side and the market on the other side, you could invest in SPY put options and wait.

But that is mostly wasted advice since 99% of people shouldn’t invest actively. So I had hoped to mention divided ETFs and health care sector, which is how a number of professional money managers are invested. Don’t do what I’m doing - follow the pros, while investing passively.


I flipped to bearish Q1 but it was by accident. I sold all the stocks at their peak but it was because I planned to rebalance. saw the market crash so I stayed in cash. Recently been rebuying etfs so it worked out for me but not that I was a genius


Better lucky than good.

Here come the foreign institutional advisers again!

My VLTA shares, which have been beaten down badly, have been on the upswing as of late, up big on weak volume. Someone is loading up real quiet like.