Give me some good diversification ideas for stocks or other asset classes

If you started now to buy crypto would you still say that’s the time frame and investment strategy you’d recommend?

Be willing to hold for 3 years minimum, yes.

picked up a few hundred shares of Google on this week’s beating.

Any interest in QQQX?

Nope. I’m always looking for appreciation, and qqqx doesn’t look like it is. If I’m looking for income from options, I’ll write them myself.

Not all of us can pull that trigger. Lol

You should learn. Start with covered calls or some bull spreads.

I own MP and am very happy about this. The shift away from doing everything in China is really underway.

Nice, bought this last week.

32.51+2.07 (+6.78%)
As of 01:19PM EST. Market open.

Well that happens too. I made a bundle on LMT when the Don got elected.

Riggghhhhtttttt. How much of the public demanded war because of the Hainan Island crash?

One of my big winners over the years and one I follow closely. But LMT has been on a tear since… oh, 2000. :wink: While solid, it wasn’t a particularly notable performer during the Trump years.

how so?

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I sold after the initial bump. What did I write:

Oh… I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t even make a M-I complex eyebrow twitch, but ok.

Wasn’t much of a post election bump on LMT, so I figured you held longer (especially coupled with your other statements about liking to hold and investing on dividends), but a gain’s a gain. :+1:

That depends on what you’re looking for. I don’t need to make a killing with every trade. It was on the way up and Trump greased the pole.

Whoa, no need for revisionist history!

there was a little bump, but not particularly unusual, and I certainly wouldn’t say he greased that babay.

No need at all. You think I’m talking about the DAY he was elected?

Find a new hobby instead of trying to disprove the reality that I made money in LMT when and probably because Trump was elected. Go buy some EQT or something. :grinning:

There’s very few timelines that you’d give Trump much credit for LMT. take your pick:

Uh, I’ve not vaguely suggested that you didn’t make money on LMT. The probably because of Trump though… eh.

:confused: eh? LMT is my single largest non fund position (followed closely by XOM).

Uber ?
Might turn profitable soon. Just like airbnb got a big bump when it turned profitable first time (and I still hold them longterm). Amazon was the same.

Has already bumped up 30% since start of year, still its very dominant in it’s industry and has two almost matching solid income streams and is highly globalised- food delivery and taxis.

Didn’t like that its cost of revenue increased aswell in latest qtr, could be they are 'buying business ', I’m willing to take a punt I guess.

Also like TSMC again, some negative noise from investors selling. Some concern about US factories sucking profitability, but if you want to make high end chips including AI chips…they be the one.

PS - would be good if some of you shared your investment hypothesis instead of just saving woohoo I made some money.

Could rain could shine.

Oil, gas and miners. And smokes. Big dividends to get me to 59 1/2. Then I can start using my IRA money and then at 62 I can take social security snd my teaching pension kicks in at 63.

EQT is an energy play. UUP to trade on the dollars weakness.

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