Give me some good diversification ideas for stocks or other asset classes

I followed AMC yesterday, cause I still have some leftovers in my portfolio. They were up way above 100% for a while, then came crashing down as expected. There were good opportunities for day traders to make some serious cash with quick 20% swings admidts a lot of halting. But it’s way too risky for the average Joe, I’d say. Better strategy is scanning the market for the next NVDA and then hold until everyone jumps on.


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I got 2000 AMC for about 3.3 a month ago, was sad it went below 3, then last night happy sold half of for 10 (missed the high), still have 1000


That’s a good days work! :banana:

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Where you buying drinks?

There were still people who were shorting GME. They haven’t learned anything the previous time. :joy:

On paper or they closed out?

plenty of money made in both directions.

I keep 3 USA stocks, and choose one risky one. I thought at worst would lose two months salary (for the AMC), instead got two months+ salary. Still have 1,000, can wait and see what happens and sell if goes down to what I got it for, still would have for me biggest gain from one stock. I was also looking at Game Stock and also watching it but did not buy. P.S. I would sold AMC at 4, and took my small profit but was sleeping, it closed at 5+, and opened the next day at 11 and slept late watching the price.

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you put 2 months salary on AMC? you, my friend, are ready for the world of options and r/WallStreetbets! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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It’s a fun thing to watch, but in the end, this is hurting the gullible inexperienced private investors who buy into the hype and don’t get out in time most.

They need to learn. I did in my day, but it was flat screens. 20K. Whoosh. Gone. From then for more than a decade it was B&H dividend stocks. :grandpa:

The market CAN be a casino. It’s a choice really.

Greed is always the problem. Not only in the stock market, but in life in general. If everyone would be content with having a bit more than enough, the world would be a better place.

To quote the Grateful Dead, “I don’t want it all. I just want a little bit.”

But you don’t want to be a little bit dead. :smile:

Dead money dont make no sense.

Not so much regret now? Virtually retraced all the way back down. Thinking of buying around $1.28. It always seems to have massive spikes followed by a few weeks of gradual declines…

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So, on that note, Fisker OTC went up another 50% last night on meme stonk hype I suppose. Yahoo fools have been pleading for roaring kitty to purr in their direction. The Reddit stocks guys are less than impressed.

I’m holding. Any money I’ll lose I’ve made back in energy and mining and the upside is well, eye popping, so wth. YOLO! :runaway:

Bought a few COIN shares again after their 9% drop. Expect to sell at +9% in a week or so. That’s my basic mode of operation now, swing trading stocks that drop after news or earnings and are solid enough to bounce back. Does not work always, but quite often for me. I am content with small but frequent profits.


Beats working.

This is an old story but makes me think and scratch my head a bit.

This bit in particular

There are plans for a partnership with Foxconn to manufacture the Fisker Pear EV SUV in the U.S. around mid-2025