Give me some good diversification ideas for stocks or other asset classes

He’s mostly selling and not buying now I believe . Cash pile of 137 billion USD .

You want the B Berkshire stock. I think the A is at 250K +. :joy:

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He sold all his shares of American airlines companies in the past one or two weeks.


If covid19 continues to rip through USA with more infections and deaths later this year or next winter the bottom of the NY stock market will be tested again and again.


Japan just yesterday approved a drug starting with the letter ‘r’ for covid19. The stock/s of the company/ies that manufacture(s) this drug should be on the up curve.

I read something recently about the 2008 correction. Stocks bottomed out before the market did. It’s weird, but the market as a whole lags the performance of individual stocks.

I agree with you that 18K may not be far away and it takes what, days now to hit a new high or low.

Also in yesterday’s news the Hong Kong government is using a cocktail of three drugs to effectively cure covid19. Google it as the stocks of these three medicines should be on the rise.

Common equity is mostly for plebs at this point. The biggest distortions caused by pandemic volatility have been in other parts of the capital structure, such as credit and preferred equity. If you want to bet on companies and truly believe they’re massively under (or over) valued, and have a view on timelines for recovery or global collapse, options are the place to be.

n Friday, AbbVie completed its purchase of Allergan, the maker of Botox, in a deal that lessens AbbVie’s dependence on Humira—the world’s top-selling drug—and positions the giant drug company to apply a powerful stream of cash flow to further diversification.

That prospect prompted SVBLeerink analyst Geoffrey Porges to boost his price target for AbbVie stock (ticker: ABBV) from $107 to $122. “[T]the combined company stock is unsustainably cheap in its current range,” wrote Porges in a Monday note.

While the S&P 500 was marginally higher near midday, AbbVie stock was up 3.5% to $86.93.

Porges estimates that Allergan’s addition will reduce the percentage of sales that AbbVie gets from the Humira autoimmune treatment from 58% to 36% by 2022. Humira’s gross profit contribution will go from 63% to 40%.

That’s a lot of upside. I own it. Backed up the truck in January right b4 the world broke.

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The State of Wisconsin Investment Board made some big changes in some of its largest stock investments in the first quarter, a period marked with volatility brought on by the coronavirus pandemic .

SWIB, as the board is known, manages state trust funds that at the end of 2019 totaled more than $128 billion, 91% of which falls under the Wisconsin Retirement System.

SWIB sold Apple (ticker: AAPL), Microsoft (MSFT) and Intel (INTC) in the first quarter, and doubled its stake in ride-hailing firm Uber Technologies (UBER). It disclosed the trades in a form it filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

And this:
Almost half of wealthy investors expect to keep their equity portfolio at the same level in the next six months, while 37% plan to increase their investments, according to a USB global survey released Wednesday.

Additionally, 23% of respondents believe now is a good time to buy stocks, while 61% see an opportunity to buy if stocks fall another 5% to 20%, according to the quarterly survey of 4,108 wealthy investors and business owners in 14 markets conducted in April.

Across the world, U.S. investors are the least optimistic about the stock market over the next six months. Only 35% of respondents from the country are bullish now, down from 64% three months ago. However, 33% of U.S. investors see a buying opportunity now.

Asians are the most optimistic on the stocks in their region, with 51% being bullish on the six-month outlook for stocks.

I am in the latter 33%. It’s scary af out there now. It’s old school hardball in the town park with no batting helmets.


Llama farms in New Zealand.

Resmed stocks in Australia. the Ozzie dollar is so low it’s able to walk under the bed where it belongs and not bump its head.

Jail stocks in USA. debtors prisons especially.


wait… :ponder:
:moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

It’s running.
Volume is heavy.

I’m just looking at it. The obvious thing is the very heavy dependency on humira, their pipeline of antibodies looks pretty good but nothing expected to do more than 15% of the revenue that humira brings in (an insane 20 billion USD per year but peaked). Worth a punt as one of several pharma stocks possibly.
I like Gilead aswell.

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The new Allergan pipeline is strong. My guy recommended it based on the Humira sales. Hadn’t even figured in the upswing from the acquisition.

However, I should add…my guy dumped it when everything fell because everything fell.

I don’t scare easily, so I held on.

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Vista Outdoors

Very cheap and took a beating from Q1 reports. It’s a very reactionary stock, so you can make money on it on the short term. This is a short term stock imo. Look at their stock history, every earnings report have investors overreact. Will you be rich from them? No. Is it a great company to hold long term? Probably not. Fundamental analysis are so so. But I do think people have overreacted like they have done so in their history.

They will be back to 10-11 a share, now trading just above 7 dollars. Their earnings wasn’t so bad either in Q1 considering, I anticipate it will be better as the country opens up more.

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What do you think about gym stocks ?
Along similar lines ? Will people flock back to gyms or give them a continuing berth ? Probably young people don’t give a shit but some older might .

I’m betting against it. Peloton has been my biggest winner. 74% gain so far!!!


I see consolidation.

What’s the earnings look like? Negative?