Give me some good diversification ideas for stocks or other asset classes

Uh oh

n one recent example, low-code startup Retool, which helps companies quickly and cheaply build internal software tools, attracted top-tier investors who bid for a round that ended up valuing the quickly-growing company at close to $1 billion. Sequoia Capital won the deal, leading the Series B. Despite its fast growth and high valuation, Retool’s annualized revenue run rate at the time of funding in October was between $5 million to $10 million


Diligence cycles have become much more compressed," Coelius said. "You don’t have time to dilly-dally anymore. It’s 24- to 48-hour decision cycles. You have to have done your diligence beforehand

A lot of stuff about fast growing and revenue…Profit…What’s that.

I’ve been reading that the next ten year’s profits are being made now. Splains a lot.

The VVs make the profits when they exit…But where is the profit…Profit.

Theil talks about that in Zero to One. Grow companies starting with massive debt isn’t the signal of weakness it once was.

I still don’t want to pay for that book. He can put it on his debt sheet.

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OK, so serious question here for the serious people serious about serious money. I am upping my 401k contributions and will reallocate where the money goes. I did 21% last year. Not too shabby given the bipolar year that the year was.

What do you feel are the stronger sectors heading into the year given, covid, Biden, the Fed and gender free pronouns?

I’m thinking commodities, infrastructure and energy, although I am set with energy already. Also set with banks.

Your serious thoughts?

Buy SJW.

And Snowflake (SNOW) of course.

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Not serious enough to be able to answer your question seriously…

Dang, just when I got interested in GEVO it went up like 70 percent in a day, before I could buy it.

Nice run by AMC yesterday. They are alive.

I picked up 1000 shares of xom at 32.50; I’m looking for it to run to $70 or so this year.

AMC wasn’t exactly looking great before the pandemic… Not sure why someone would take a flyer there. What’s the upside? It might double in a year, with the downside that it realistically might go bankrupt? Seems like lousy risk-reward.


I will just write CCL again. Easy double bagger once vaccination of senior citizens is done. Yes it’s leisure and travel and that’s exactly what a lot of us are itching to do.

I just spoke with a very knowledgeable guy in the business. He likes Casinos. Says people will go to WYNN. So, I can see CCL coming back heavy. How far is it off it’s 52 week high?

O.4 of the 52 week high.

The upside is that it’s cheap and volatile, not going to keep it for long of course.

That may just happen. Oil is over $50 I believe. Nat Gas is now steadily coming back and soon there’ll be a demand at the bottleneck created by the shutlockslowdown. XOM is a great stock that’s dying like MO and PM are dying, and I’ve owned them for nearly 20 years.

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Did they suspend the dividend?

No idea. I don’t care about that. Even over the last few months 20.7 is a decent entry.

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Lot of recovery stocks waiting to go ballistic. CCL has been hoovering in the 20~21 range for quite a while now. If there wasn’t the constant prediction of a major correction, I’d be much more willing to buy more of these stocks.


I doubt Biden will allow that to happen. What did Yellen say today?

Do you have other recommendations. BTW I already own Shell and XOM and I don’t want buy anymore ‘bad stuff’ lol.