Give me some good diversification ideas for stocks or other asset classes


Get neked.

This is getting bizarre now…

So Citadel has the power to shut down Fastly to shut down social media sites so that the Reddit crowd cannot communicate. Counter punch, Reddit crowd comments on Youtube’s second most popular video instead…


Been stalking this post for about a year now. (Creek… creek… creek…)
Recommending HYLN.
Just my humble opinion…

My worst performing stock. Any squeeze opportunity, like in WKHS…? ha ha

The multiplying of meme stocks is poison for AMC, it seems.

When, when, did Wendy happen?

Let’s see what happens today.

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The easy money was made last year.

:clown_face: to investigate :circus_tent:

The suits are all in cahoots…

AMC has been suspiciously, slowly, side winding downhill this week. It’s almost like they want to make the apes lose interested in the stock, make some other stocks more appealing, get the price down to some bearable level and then buy the shorts back with no one noticing.

Nice try, hedgies, you going down.

I am hodling my remaining shares just for fun, I might even add some while we are in the forties. :kissing_heart:

I know…boring. But, chaching.

We got a runner…

Anyone holding MTP?

Up 80% pre-market right now.