Give me your wallet or the bunny gets it! (internet hoax)

Original Title: Rabbit Pie

Give me your wallet or the bunny gets it!

Not funny.

Perhaps not, but very clever though.

And you flounder it because you don’t think its funny?

Mmm rabbit pie. Goddamn I haven’t had rabbit in a long time.

Maybe she is pissed she didn’t think of the idea first!


That would surprise me. I’m pretty sure this forum was the last place on the entire Internet that link hadn’t been posted.

I saw it in The Daily Telegraph. It said that everyone who belongs to an internet forum should post a link to the site so the Rabbit gets as much publicity as possible.

I hope for Imani’s sake the ransom doesn’t fall short by 10 dollars because it got floundered. Imagine that cute little bunny on a plate and it’s all your fault.


Has anyone stopped and considered that perhaps Toby deserves to be eaten?

Growing up in a rural setting I learned at a young age the culinary delights of fresh rabbit, quail, pan fish and squirrel.

Having said that, I personally think the website and its author are detestable.

But here is a nice recipe for Maltese Stewed rabbit.
and a nice pot to cook it in…

Rabbit’s a brilliant food. It makes a lovely stew and they’re easy to breed. And the fur is nice and warm. I can’t think of a more harmonious relationship. Rabbits truly are men’s best friends. Okay, they don’t bring you your slippers, but you can actually make slippers out of them. And they’re quite cute, too. It’s not like we’re going to run out of them. (And people eat chickens reared in horrendous conditions and that’s OK? Who ever heard of rabbit flu?)

The only problem I ever had eating rabbit was having to constantly watch out for shotgun pellets.

That’s why you need to keep ferrets.
Rabbit. In dijon mustard cream sauce. Yum. Drooling.

Or use the rabbit the doc uses to verify if your g/f or wife is preggers. Mmmmmmmmm. Hoss’n’Pfeffer.

Or you can lamp them at night with a silenced .22. Pop 'em in the head and you don’t need to worry about shot. Or there’s snares, too. Lots of ways to put a rabbit in the pot.

Ich liebe haBennpfeffer. Wie spat es Suppe?

Ireland’s teeming with rabbit, deer, and pheasants, and hardly anyone eats them. Madness. Venison industry nearly went bust about 6 years ago. :loco:

Damn, I wish I’d thought of this scam first.

Urban Legends
Welsh Rabbit will make you sleepwalk.

if a bald man drew rabbits on his head then from a distance they may look like hares.