Give Some Real Info on Good Chinese Teachers

OK. We’ve all been back and forth about the “hit or miss” situation with learning Chinese at a language school. I myself have been through 3 of them.

I have been teaching myself with the help of friends for about 2 years now (on top of the 1 - 1/2 years of 5 days a week language school.)

There just isn’t enough motivation there now.

I need a teacher.

I’m sure I’m not the only one in this situation. Or quickly pondering the same scenario.

I’m no longer willing to pay for crap teachers or those that think that because I am learning their language I should be treated like a 12 year old. I also don’t want to join a class. I know exactly what and how I want to learn.

How do I find a GOOD teacher?

Please help! :notworthy:

Ironlady has a good suggestion here:

It sounds like their online teachers will adjust their methods to suit your style.

[quote=“yangdemei”]I know exactly what and how I want to learn.

How do I find a GOOD teacher?[/quote]
If you know exactly how you want to learn, why do you need a GOOD teacher? Find an OK teacher and teach her how to teach you.

Exactly what and how do you want to learn? You might find that trying a few paid one-on-one teachers until you find the one you like is the best way, rather than going through a school to get one. Why? Because you don’t have to pay the whole term in advance, and are free to fire them at will.

And where in Taipei are you? What days and times do you want to have class? Depending on the answers, some Forumosans might have friends, SO’s or relatives who teach, and they could introduce you.

My best teachers (actually LE’s, but similar situation) were introduced this way. So were some of the worst, but I just made up excuses after a few sessions and stopped seeing those.

Thanks Dragonbones!

In terms of what I want, I don’t think I’m being unrealistic. I want to finish that damn Shi Da book 2. Just because I started it, not because I like it. But I also want to focus on basic speaking skills and reviewing common encounters, role-playing, I guess. I just want a teacher that is actually happy to teach an adult and treats the adult accordingly, no condescention, and a lot more fun than I’ve had with any of my teachers (both in classes and one on one)

I live in Yung He and want to learn in the morning, say 2 times a week for 2 hours each time.

If anyone knows of someone, please let me know! :slight_smile: