Give the spice to me i need it real bad

I want the hottest chili whatever food in town. Sertzuan is good. I want spicy. That will hurt my tongue and burn my mouth. I will feel the pain in the toilet the next day, only :raspberry: if i feel it then do i know just how hot it was.
Yeah get the picture I like peppers, i have a pepper addiction problem. Hot peppers and cold beers, and lots of beers to wash it down with. yeah a good hot cayenne pepper makes me feel hot young and ard,
Where is it, tell me fellow hot spice eaters.

Which restaurant and where. Doesn’t have to be trendy just SPICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Thanks :raspberry: :raspberry: :raspberry: :raspberry: :raspberry:

Don’t know if you make it down to Kaohsiung, but this month at my restaurant (The Bayou) we are running a hot wings special. We use Daves Ultimate Insanity hot sauce (Thanks E-Store!). I don’t know if you’ve tried this hot sauce before, but I would be willing to bet you’ll have a hard time finishing a plate of wings. I hear you laughing me off like the knights in the Holy Grail… “It’s but a wee bunny.”

for a quick fix stop by a-hui next to shipai subway station (second one, not one with noodle cart in front) for a som-tam and tell the obasan you like it spicy, nice with a singha or 2

Bloody hell! Really? I have a bottle of that but I’m afraid to use it and I love hot sauce. It’s even hotter than the Spontaneous Combustion sauce I have and I can barely use that either.
fenlander, are you in Taipei? Do you cook for yourself? I’d be happy to donate my Dave’s Insanity if you want it.

Yung Ho.

What is this Dave’s insanity sauce ? I am confused. It is like you guys have some esoteric secrets on pepper sauce !!! enlighten me !
As for Kaoshung probably won’t be back down that way for a while as I am more of a northern man. Going south makes me home sick of Taipei lol. Hsin chu and Ilan are about as far as I get before i turn around and go back North!
I had a very spicy meal yesterday, my sister in law cooked it, but it was curry rather than chili. Still, (ouch) did the trick.
I have also found that drinking milk for first aid spice relief is better than water. :slight_smile:
May be someone needs to open a cajun style restaurant in Taiwan! New orleans style. That would be great, spicy chicken and blue grass. A novelty I think !

You’re in luck, someone has opened a Cajun restaurant in Taiwan. It’s in Kaohsiung and called The Bayou.

The Dave’s hot sauce is truely painful. One small dab is all you need to make sure the bottle stays tucked away quietly in the back of the fridge forever.

'Aint THAT the truth! :laughing: Give me the fiery fruity deep heat of a nice habanero any time.
Seriously fenlander, if you want it, it’s yours.

Thanks for the offer Sandman !.

Maybe The Bayou should organise a [color=red]Chilli Festival [/color]like we have in Cape Town! Maybe then [color=green]Taiwansaffies[/color] will show fenlander and other pretenders how it’s done! (or enjoyed!) I’d be prepared to take a trip down south from Taoyuan City to show you the ropes!
I have yet to see a restaurant that has a bigger selection of hot sauces than Coyote (Hong Kong) and I’ve been there several times and done a lot of them hot sauces, and yes, I’m still standing! Very regular… but yes, still standing! :slight_smile:

[color=red]Bring it on![/color]

Pretender ?
Well i accept that I am not sophisticated on the names of Chilli sauces etc. But i can bite and chew a cayeene chilli pepper between my teeth while drinking a Taiwan beer, so not a complete pretender ! :raspberry: Hurts the next day though, if you know what i mean !
Taoyen sounds good.

cayenne? Those are for breakfast. Step up to the big leagues and get a real chili.
Haberneros are the best for brining the heat while still offering a bit of a fruity flavor. Kind of hard to find in Taiwan though.

As for Dave’s ultimate insanity sauce, you might want to just use it as an additive, a couple drops in a bowl of chili work well. I can’t imagine trying it on wings. I’m assuming that it is just one ingredient in the sauce, otherwise the Bayou might be looking at some law suits :slight_smile:

If you are too slow, I will nick it from the Sandfridge.

If you are too slow, I will nick it from the Sandfridge.[/quote]

You’re too late. Thanks sandman! :banana: