Give your policies: stop following and criticising

On this thread I’d like to see some positive solutions for the world, the US, whatever situations around the world concern you. And to keep things positive, I ask that whenever you reply to this thread, at least half of your response should be on topic-a positive solution or policy in your eyes, not running down others earlier on the thread.

To kick things off, I’ll give a few of many policies I’d like to see in the US:

-Tax Wall Street more-higher transaction tax, and use it to revamp SEC and give it real teeth and power to enforce

-Keep capital gains tax low ( <20% ) to help recycling of money but increase leverage requirements on banks to a max 10 ratio

-Substantially lower income taxes on people under 500,000$ and focus on massively raising and widening environmental taxes and credits for environmental investment, renewable energies, electric cars, solar panel farms etc

-A real focus on making government smaller and efficient, so it doesn’t reward careers in beauracracy

-Nationwide savings and buy America (local) programs

-Use surplus bank owned housing for Army Vets (and those maimed especially) and their families on slow repayments schemes at present market value

-Focus on merit through high education standards, not affirmative action. Focus on fitness and healthy food.

Most of these are pipe dreams of course. I have more if this thread kicks off. Please give yours.

My policies would emphasize anything that makes my country more in tune with the spirit of liberty that it was founded in:

  • Absolute freedom and equal rights for all individuals
  • Equal opportunity for all (but no guarantee of equal outcome)
  • High standards of ethics in government and campaigning
  • Strict separation of church and state
  • Quality public school education
  • Affordable higher education
  • Free universal healthcare with minimal waits and high quality service
  • Tax the rich, not the poor
  • Pay off the national debt
  • Incentives for small business
  • Foreign policy that emphasizes brains over might
  • Negotiation with enemies (not appeasement)
  • Strong investment in science and medicine, including stem cell research, alternative energy and space exploration
  • Strong environmental policy
  • Freer immigration policy: live up to the ideal of The New Colossus
  • No border fence
  • Lift trade and travel bans on Cuba
  • Abolish the death penalty
  • Abolish “three strikes you’re out” laws and re-institute the principle of proportional justice (let the punishment fit the crime)
  • Legalize drugs
  • EDIT: Oh, and this one: War shall be only ever be used as a last resort, when all options, including extensive negotiations, fail.

VOTE FOR ME IN 2016! :America: Oh wait…I wasn’t born in the US… :frowning:

Free rhubarb for All!

except those with pre-existing kidney stones.

except those with pre-existing kidney stones.[/quote]

You referred to the oxalic acid issue in another thread. With my cloudy pee issues, I said ‘NO’ to rhubarb crumble and custard in the cafeteria today. If only the British government were so supportive… I’m voting for Jamie Oliver.

No fat chicks. That’s a policy we can all get behind.

that’s going to go down really well in America.

unless you mean that a new national health service will take concrete, suitable and effective action to reverse the obesity trend, and thereby save the good ole taxpayer a decent chunk of folding. that’d be a useful policy, but not one that would go down well with the desire for freedom to indulge oneself to the point of harm, nor with the big food companies.

Hmm. More fool you, sonny…