Given these high yearly salaries, where would you choose to live?

Australian public with private options blows Taiwan out of water

Agree to disagree. Recently I’ve had 2 family members with medical issues treated appalling by the Australian system. 1 with kidney failure and kicked out of ICU without figuring out the problem. Another with a tennis ball sized growth on her head for 6 months that no one will help with.

Private health insurance in Australia is probably at least twice the cost of Taiwan too.

Seeing a GP in Australia is expensive, no one bulk bills anymore. You’d generally be out of pocket $40AUD for a standard GP visit.

I think Australia is probably better for emergencies, and also better for specialists but only if you have private health insurance.

Taiwan private health insurance premiums are generally locked in for 30 years, never going up. After 30 years you maintain cover for life. In Australia private health insurance premiums go up in price about 10% every year and are never paid up. You pay until you die.

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You’ll often see the same specialist in OZ whether you go public or private. If private, you can choose your specialist rather than taking what comes (which might be a registrar in training) operating under guidance. Private also can often get seen quicker.

People should leave ICU when they no longer need that intensity of care.

Most private hospitals do not have an emergency department. Hence “Six per cent of ED patients attend private hospital EDs whereas 45% of the population hold private health insurance.” (2013).

Generally in Australia you would not go private for the emergency care. It’s to be served quicker, in more comfortable circumstances (hotel aspect) and to influence who sees you.

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Actually it seems that it’s not so far off from local teacher salaries anymore

Sounds like we agree but came to different conclusions :rofl: