Given vintage Taiwan phone with old cord. How to hook it up?

I was given an Old vintage Taiwan that looks like it’s a good condition complete with the wire that should go into the wall.
It looks like it could work.
Can someone show me the proper wiring diagram I can use to connect it to modular wire or an other method?

It’s not really that complicated, though I do understand that some of the younger members on this forum might not be familiar with a wired telephone.

Just plug the little plug that looks like a small Ethernet plug into the phone socket in the wall.



Like this ?

Maybe one of these?


Try this.

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You are a rooftop clown :clown_face:. Are you serious?
People don’t know that?
Well I got the ethernet looking Telephone pluggy looking thing and I plugged it in.
Nothing happened.
I think it’s because there are no wires connected to the plug.
The cable comes out of my phone and is terminated with three wires, gray with a slight tinge of yellow,
gray with a slight tinge of green and gray with a slight tinge of red.
The trick is getting them into the proper holes or follow what Belgian is saying.
But I have no Working model to compare it to as the author did.

Does the phone company provide service to the line?

This is silly. What is all this talk about using a cell phone inside your home. Cell phones are for outside your home. of course I have service to My Line how else do you think I get my modem working so I can post on here.
I was given a standard Western electric, I think phone that was connected to the wall of someone’s house.
I think it works the same way the North American phone works. From what I’ve read the British GPO phone is different.
But I believe the pulse dialing standard is the same and has not been changed here in Taiwan.

If you can’t get it to work, you can always try this:

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Did. … there’s too much slack. And it won’t work in my house I much prefer the system used in this Little Rascals short.
It uses tubes. I think submarines used to use the standard.

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DSL/coaxial or ethernet ports exist (I don’t know what kind of building you live in), as do wireless hotspots connecting to cells (unlimited data is cheap in Taiwan)…

Anyways, maybe if you gave all of the information that you have you’d get better advice :man_shrugging:t3:

No, I think they’re just being silly or what I see on YouTube is actually true.
Are some of you really or uniformed to not know that I was talking about a standard phone?
Do you think I don’t have ADSL or equivalent.
This generation is laughable. As a 70s kid… I’ve worked or used platforms from the wire recorder, the spark gap, to reel to reel, cassette to 8 track to analog radio to digital stuff.
I’m going to replace the main phone with the rotary dial phone if I can get it working. It will be fun watching my kids and friends trying to make phone calls.
Sorry for being harsh.
I think you all know what I was looking for and was just busting my chops.
I have awful luck with retro tech. Just before I want something, the people who had it just threw it out.

" Is my phone tone or pulse?

Pulse dialing indicates each digit in the phone number by a series of clicks that corresponds only to that digit. It would then need a short pause in order to clearly identify one digit from the next. Tone dialing, also called as Dual Tone Multi Frequency, uses different tones to indicate a different number."

Pulse dialing

If the phone company still has both operational on your line it could work. Otherwise you need a pulse to tone converter. And you need to have the right voltage on your phone line to feed your phone.

there are still rotary dial phones and service don’t you guys visit a farm houses and things in the country. I live in the hakkah arwa
Please try to visit old areas
I just need the proper wiring diagram and maybe someone good at crimping wires.
I love old tech.