"... gives me the confidence to get good grades"

hi all,

presently on Taiwan TV somewhere there is an advertisement for a cram school in which a young boy gives a testimonial that such and such school gives/gave him confidence to get good grades. i would like to quote this in my thesis, but i’ve only seen the spot once, and would like to at least know the name of the cram school in question.

if you see it, could you tell me the name, what channel you saw it on, and at what time? if you hear more of the dialogue and feel like posting/PMing it to me, i would appreciate it very much as well.

mods, once an answer has been procured, this can go in the trash, if you so desire.


Isn’t that on the new “Ki Ca-Soooo” (Kid Castle) commercial?

thanks sojourner.

could very well be - anyone else can confirm? or give me a time/date when you saw it?

Right now, 10:07 am, Kid Castle, channel 66.

thanks a lot both of you - much appreciated.

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