Giving a Baby Shower - Need Advice

I’m Taiwanese and would like to give a good friend (a Canadian woman) a baby shower next month. But, I have no idea what is involved, I don’t know the tradition, and all of my other female friends are Taiwanese, so they’re not much help. Can anyone tell me what I should do? What do I need to buy? What do I need to prepare? The party will be at my home. Is it women only? Should I invite her husband? Are baby showers held in the evening or in the afternoon? What kind of food should I make? What about baby gifts? What kind of presents should I buy? Taiwanese babies always get gold jewelry, but I don’t think this is a western tradition, right? Please help me. Thanks. 8)

Fascinating ! I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I’m agog to find out ! You are a Taiwanese woman and you’re wondering how to give your Canadian friend a “baby shower” and whether or not you can invite your husband !!!? Golly ! I love assisted showers !

Like Hexuan, I’ve never heard of this. It must be an American thing. Anyway, it looks like you might find some answers on babyzone.
If anyone is putting on a [color=violet]babe shower[/color], please let me know - I’ll bring the massage oil. :stuck_out_tongue: [color=violet]!!![/color]

A baby shower is similar to a bridal shower, but the guest of honour is about to squeeze out a new life instead of losing her own. I’m not a baby expert, but I have been to my fair share of baby showers, so they go something like this:

You invite the pregnant woman and her friends to attend a party at someone’s home. In this case, Fuzzy’s.
The parties should be scheduled at the best time for those who will attend. If they’re working women, early evening would probably be more appropriate. Send out cute baby themed invitations through the mail and ask for RSVP from guests.

You serve finger foods and soft drinks (pregnant women drinking and smoking is frowned upon these days).
To make the food part easy for yourself, pop into Subway and order a few party sandwich trays. They’re quite reasonable. Or go to Costco and load up on big flats of sandwich rolls, vegetable and dip platters, shrimp cocktails, cheeses, breads, etc.

Each woman who attends the shower should bring a gift that the pregnant woman could use upon the birth of her child. (diapers, baby toys, clothes, blankets, teething rings, etc—check out a baby shop for ideas) If your friends are big spenders, you could always arrange to present the woman with a crib, pram, etc, as a group gift. Don’t forget the excersaucer!!! :slight_smile:

The pregnant woman sits in the middle of the group (somewhere comfortable if she’s very pregnant) and opens the gifts in front of the other women and they ooooh and aaaaaah at how adorable and tiny the gifts are.

Check this site for a step by step guide: Baby Shower Guide

I hope jrc responds to this one, she’s the expert. See her website:

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