Giving away 2 kittens

Hi Everyone,

We have two 10 week old kittens that we rescued from a park near where we live in Taipei. The kittens were only 3 weeks old, when we rescued them, and after a few tough weeks, they are now doing much better! I believe the kittens are sisters (although we don’t know for sure, but we found them together.)

They are now 10 weeks old, healthy and adorable and they need good homes. They are both female. We can’t keep them, so we need to find someone who will want to adopt them.

One is tortishell coloured and one is black. Both are very friendly and so adorable!

If you you are interested in adopting one or both of our kittens please call us at 02-25971427. We can send pictures of the kittens and you are welcome to come to our apartment ( near Yuanshan MRT on the red line) and take a look at them.

Good for you for helping these helpless kittens.

Just a suggestion: you may want to ask an adoption fee, to cover all the essentials such as vaccinations, deworming, neutering (which you can do at a later date). There have been many cases in Taiwan (as in the rest of the world) of seemingly kind people adopting kittens who were advertised as ‘free to a good home’ and either torturing them, killing them, or selling them to places that would only harm them.

An adoption fee helps you determine if the adopter has the wherewithal and intention to take good care of the animal.

Best of luck!


[quote=“Stray Dog”]Good for you for helping these helpless kittens.
An adoption fee helps you determine if the adopter has the wherewithal and intention to take good care of the animal.

I totally agree with Stray Dog, the adoption fee will stop the ones who just wanted to try or have fun or sell or play with… if someone really wants the little one then a small adoption fee wont stop them and they will understand why…

Hey Guys.

Thanks for the tips. They have already been dewormed. They were in bad shape, so we have had them to the vet several times already.

Hopefully a small fee will deter people, I cant imagine why anyone would want to harm something so adorable (but I know there are people out there). We actually have someone we are aquantiances with coming to look at them tomorrow, hopefully we can give at least one away then.

Just so everyone who is reading about them knows, they are extremely friendly. I have heard that some rescued cats can be difficult to raise and are scared of people, but we have had them around a lot of different people, and they arent afraid of people at all!

I will try to post some pics later on!