Giving Away Items in Storage For Free


I’m giving away items for free in my storage unit before the storage contract ends. The storage is in Tienmu. Please contact me directly of which item you are interested. Sorry, I can’t deliver the items; you must pick up and move them by yourself. Items are “as is.” I need to remove items before March 15.

Here are the items:

Bar Table

W: 184 cm extended

91 cm closed

D: 46 cm

H: 85 cm

Chest 1

W: 138 cm

D: 34 cm

H: 62 cm

Chest 02

W: 95 cm

D: 46 cm

H: 70 cm

Banker’s chair

61 cm x 61 cm x 86 cm


30 cm x 30 cm x 77 cm

small glass table

69 cm x 54 cm x 48 cm

CEO desk

127 cm x 60 cm x H: 74 cm

Bookshelf 01

98.5 x 28.5 H: 182.5 cm

Bookshelf 02

182 cm x 28 cm x 183 cm

Uploading: glasstable03.jpeg… Uploading: shelf.jpeg… Uploading: Stand.01.jpeg… Uploading: Stand.02.jpeg… Uploading: Stand.03.jpeg… Uploading: Stand.04.jpeg…

Cool chair


Every house should have one captain’s chair. Looks a pretty good reproduction.