Giving away useful stuff that has no monetary value

We have a forum for selling things. Because a lot of things get cheaper and cheaper, not everything has a resale value meaning a lot of stuff gets thrown in the rubbish.

I couldn’t really sell one old book - but an unwanted book is still a book even with no monetary value. It’s just as useful as one bought from PageOne.

I have an old Onkyo hi-fi amplifier. It doesn’t work - it just needs one part that I couldn’t find. Not working, it can’t be sold but with one part, it will be a high quality amplifier again. I certainly don’t want to put it in the trash. Even if it will never really work again, someone who likes tinkering with a soldering iron might want it.

So here’s a radical idea. Give it away!

To make this work, there needs to be a community of people willing to give things away on the understanding that they might find things they want for free too. People need to see it working before they will give things away.

There is one of these in Taipei, called Freecycle but it has very few members and isn’t very active. It hasn’t reached a critical mass.

How about creating a freecycle type forum on forumosa?

Promote free cycle…its a great thing. What is the freecycle url for Taiwan…


So… erm… are you really giving that amp away? I might have a go at fixing it.

Anyone want a PCMCIA modem for free?

Taipei Freecycle.

As for the amp - someone off freecycle responded to my post there and I’ve offered it to him. So, Taipeifreecycle is not 100% inactive. I just mentioned it to illustrate my point.

If this guy doesn’t arrange to come round and pick it up within the next few days, I’ll let you know.

No probs.
Thanks for the link. That’s great!

Thanks fruitloop…hopefully my hows will be cleaned out of the junk, erm…decent goods no longer used, within the month.


Does it work in Linux? Does it need special drivers, or just generic modem drivers?

Does it work in Linux? Does it need special drivers, or just generic modem drivers?[/quote]

Dunno, but yer welcome to find out. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d hazard a guess that you can use a generic 56k driver for it (as with most modems)

EDIT: Oh crap, I’ve just realised I may not have the cable for it. I’ll have to post later if I can find it or not.

Good news, Andre. I found the cable.

I’d say this thing is a no name, very generic 56k (v90) fax/modem.

The make is Neoka (P/N FM56RCL-NF).

I’d almost bet money it will work with generic drivers.

To try to kickstart some activity on Freecycle and show that it works, I posted the first unwanted thing that came to hand. Literally walked into the living room, glanced around and picked up “The Book of God - the bible as a novel” by Walter Wagnerin Jr. A friend left it a long time ago and the authors name was enough to put me off.

I posted it and within 48 hours got a reply. So there must be some more stuff out there that people would pick up.

There are 149 members now, so I assume someone from here joined.